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Clubs and organizations are forums where students have the ability to nurture their public relations skills. Different clubs and organizations provide students the opportunity to become involved in areas that interest them. For example, a student wildlife club in college facilitates the interests of students that have a passion for nature. Eventually, students can establish soft skills and develop their work ethic and interpersonal skills outside of the classroom.

Activities allow students to experience the diverse cultures of members on campus. Activities can include theatrical performances, arts and exhibitions, short film production and singing. Here are a few ways that students can benefit from being involved in other campus activities.

Team work.

Students can strengthen their ability to work with others through on-campus activities. For example, students can participate in organizing cultural activities at their institutions by becoming part of cultural organizations. This experience will allow students to work with students of other cultures, as well as diversify themselves.

Develop new relationships.

Public relations is all about building relationships and getting involved in on-campus activities can do just that. A great way for PR students to foster new relationships is by giving back. Whether it is at a retirement home, humane society or Habitat for Humanity, getting involved in clubs that giveback is a great way to meet new people and is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Becoming involved in different groups on campus can allow students to better their communication skills with different audiences. Volunteering to serve as a leader and assist with the coordination of activities and managing meetings can help in understanding public relations and communication as well.

Choosing to become involved in various activities on campus can help students in build their public relations skills, as well as becoming well-rounded professionals. It can also aid in leadership,  socialization and relationship building. So what are you waiting on? Get involved today!


Medgeen “Medge” Ross is a graduate student at the New York Institute of Technology. She currently serves on the PRSA-NY Chapter membership committee as a visual content developer. Follow her on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

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