June Monthly Reading Roundup — Crisis Management, Crafting Blog Content, LinkedIn, Video Content

With summer and internships in full swing, it may be often difficult for you to keep up with industry news and trends. Don’t worry — Progressions has you covered! Below are eight interesting articles that you may have missed this month.

7 costly social media marketing mistakes

Photo courtesy of creativecommons.org.

Author: Michael Del Gigante

Publication: PR Daily

Those with a passion for social media can learn a thing or two from this post! Watching what you spend and monitoring your content are just a few ways to increase your reach.

Five Tips for Millennials on Starting a Career in Public Relations

Author: Katie Wenclewicz

Publication: Spin Sucks

Calling all millennials! This article provides aspiring public relations professionals with tips and tricks to succeed in the field.

The 5 Criteria Your Content Must Meet to Effectively Calm a Crisis

Author: Aly Trost

Publication: Influence & Co.

If you’re interested in crisis communication, social media and current events, then this article is for you. The piece outlines what practitioners should do in order to remain in control of online crises.

How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles Your Readers Can’t Resist

Author: Corey Wainwright

Publication: Hubspot

Ever consider starting your own blog or volunteering to direct your Chapter’s? This article provides insight on how to attract readers through engaging and interesting titles.

A Brief Guide to Team Management for New Leader

Author: Marissa Connelly

Publication: PR Say

If you are taking on a new leadership role in your job, internship or Chapter, then this article is for you. PRSA’s blog outlines what new leaders need to know, and how they can work with their teams in order to accomplish their goals.

How To Make A Video That Actually Gets Watched

Author: Heather Champine

Publication: Media Relations Agency

Multimedia and video integration is a fast growing area of public relations. If you are interested in working on your video editing skills this summer, this article provides great insight.

8 Easy Steps to Reach LinkedIn All Star Status

Courtesy of Creative Commons.

Author: Nick Patterson

Publication: Shift Comm

Summer vacation is a great time to update your LinkedIn profile and let your professional contacts know what you’re doing. Check out the advice and statistics provided here to make sure your profile standouts.

Walking the Walk on Gender Equality in PR

Author: Nicole Bestard

Publication: Inkhouse

Gender equality is a hot topic right now — especially in public relations. Read the current conversation, learn the statistics and educate yourself on the subject.


Natalie Gloady is a graduate student at Waynesburg University and the PRSSA 2017–2018 Publications Editor in Chief. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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