Transforming Risks Into Opportunities When Moving to a New State Without Connections

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With graduation quickly approaching, it is finally time to take a leap of faith into the real world and search for jobs. For many students, this means trying to find job opportunities in a different state. This can be intimidating when you have no professional connections in the city you are going to.

We spent the last four years networking and making connections with professionals in the city we are currently in. However, just because you are moving to a new city or state doesn’t mean these connections can’t help you. The connections you’ve made could also have a connection with someone in the city you’ll be moving to.

In preparation for the job hunt, research is key. You want to research the area you are moving to and see what job opportunities are available. If there are a lot, that’s a good sign. If there aren’t many, you may need to dig a little deeper.

Spring break is a good time to take advantage of your network. Most people are itching to go somewhere warm and lay on the beach but if you plan ahead and email firms in the area, you might just land an informational interview. I would highly recommend purchasing Danny Rubin’s book “Wait, How Do I Write This Email?” In his book, he has a variety of templates for emailing firms you have no connections with.

Like anything you do, there are risks that come with moving to a new area with no professional connections. However, with risks come opportunities. Moving to a new area gives you the chance to network with new people and really put yourself out there. Like I mentioned before, informational interviews with public relations firms are a chance to get to know the firms in the area and make connections with the professionals in the industry. Chances are, many of the firms will meet with you or keep your information on file for a later time. Another way to meet professionals and network is to join the local PRSA Chapter. This will allow you to connect with many of the professionals in the area.

Most importantly, don’t doubt yourself. If you have a job lined up, congratulations! If not, keep researching and networking. Relocating can be intimidating. Just be confident and the opportunities will present themselves to you.

Kayla Cook is a senior communication and public relations major at the University of Indianapolis. She is currently the communication intern for the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Indiana Chapter and also a staff writer for The Odyssey. Connect with her on Twitter @kaylaa_cookk.

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