January Monthly Reading Round-Up — Trump’s Twitter Environment, Thought Leadership, Filler Words, Winter Issue of FORUM

It’s a new year, and there is no shortage of news. But with the spring semester starting and trying to keep up with resolutions, it’s hard to find time to catch up on the latest industry news and trends. Below are eight interesting articles you may have missed this month.

5 Things to Know About Branded Content

Author: Susan Payton

Publication: PR Newswire

Branded content is predicted to be a rising trend in 2017. Brands that used to invest in traditional advertising to get their messaging across will now turn to more relevant and useful content to connect with consumers. Read this article for five things you should know about branded content.

Photo courtesy of pexels.com.
Photo courtesy of pexels.com.

Three Things Companies Can Do to Adapt to the President Trump Twitter Environment

Author: Jim Moorhead

Publication: APCOForum

President Donald Trump has taken Twitter by storm since he entered the presidential race last year. Many of his tweets have gone viral, causing many to comment and share their own thoughts on his statements. But what if your client becomes the next target of a Trump tweet? Read this article for ways to adapt to Trump’s new Twitter environment.

Words Matter: How to Speak With Authority

Author: Tim Conway

Publication: Culpwrit

Using filler words, words or phrases repeated over-and-over, during presentations can lead to poor performances. Read this article for advice on how to avoid using filler words and improve your professional presentations.

How to Write Powerful Headlines That Drive Traffic

Author: Pam Neely

Publication: PR Daily

It’s no secret that bad headlines get fewer clicks, shares and readers. Read this article for tips to writing more effective headlines that will catch the attention of readers and earn more shares.

Thought Leadership the Hard Way

Author: Allison Symonds

Publication: PRNewser

Many articles you read about thought leadership will tell you about how easy it is to become a thought leader. However, thought leadership takes time, patience, hard work and dedication. Thought leaders have to develop their own ability to lead others, and as communications professionals, it is our job to help them figure it out. Read this article for tips to help develop thoughtful leadership.

Journalists Aren’t Reading Your Pitches; What You Can Do About It

Author: Gini Dietrich

Publication: PRSay

With the industry moving at such a fast pace, it can be difficult to establish relationships with journalists, which often leads to cold pitching. Despite the crunch for time, these relationships are essential for successful pitching. Read this article for tips on how to build these relationships to get your pitch noticed.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 3.33.50 PMWinter 2017 Issue of FORUM

Author: PRSSA Publications Team ay Loyola University Chicago

Publication: FORUM

The second issue of PRSSA’s tri-annual newspaper is now available and full of articles covering interesting and relevant topics. These topics include the PRSSA/PRSA Headquarters move, tips on achieving the work-life balance, mentorship, diversity and more. Be sure to check out the two-page spread featuring a map of the 10 PRSSA Regional Conferences happening this spring.

Advice for PR Students Seeking Their First Job

Author: Brian Gottesman

Publication: Progressions

Read this article for tips on landing your first job after graduation.

These articles are gathered and submitted by the PRSSA National Committee, the Industry News Subcommittee and the PRSSA publications team as well as occasional contributions from members, so feel free to pass along interesting articles to the Publications Editor in Chief Krista Watson by email at kristarwatson@gmail.com.

Krista Watson is a junior at Loyola University Chicago and the PRSSA 2016–2017 Publications Editor in Chief. Follow her on Twitter @watson_krista or connect on LinkedIn.


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