Guiding Leaders and Uniting Firms and Chapters [National Conference Recap]

Session: Chapter Development Session: Drake University, “Not the Boss of You: A Guide to Leading Leaders” and Ohio University, “Two Halves of a Whole: Uniting Firms and Chapters”

Presenter: Drake University and Ohio University


Scripps PRSSA presenting at the PRSSA 2016 National Conference. Photo courtesy of Scripps PRSSA.
Scripps PRSSA presenting at the PRSSA 2016 National Conference. Photo courtesy of Scripps PRSSA.

Drake University spoke about their own Chapter struggles and what it takes to be a good leader. They walked through the three steps of leadership and how to address each. Drake University also talked about the roles of presidents versus everyone else in the Chapter. They shared life lessons about how leaders need to learn to let go in order to be successful.

During their presentation, Drake shared that “If your Chapter is really as good as you think it is, it will be perfectly fine without you.” Was a key quote used to emphasize the power of leadership and teaching others. They shared their links, encouraging everyone to actively follow @DrakePRSSA and join the conversation using #LEADPRSSA.

Ohio University’s executive board took turns speaking about how two halves make a whole when it comes to Chapters and Student-run Firms. They shared testimonials relating to all of the struggles that come with being in an organization such as PRSSA. They also discussed the process of establishing a firm. They encouraged audience members to email them at and


Drake University

  • Leadership is divided into establishing a hierarchy, building future leaders and giving everyone a voice. However, hierarchy does not mean dictatorship.
  • Competition can be good as long as you do not let it take over your Chapter.
  • Sometimes the president needs to take over and make the final decision.
  • It’s okay to say NO.
  • Give everyone a voice by planning around members’ interests.

Ohio University

  • Leadership shapes members and needs to be part of both halves.
  • It is important to set expectations for your Chapter leaders and members.
  • Create a culture between the Student-run Firm and Chapter by using open communication, team bonding and Chapter and firm award ceremonies.

Haley Potter is a freshman at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. She is a journalism major and hopes to someday be a news anchor. She is involved in Rock PRoductions, Slippery Rock’s Student-run Firm, and is a member of the Slippery Rock Chapter of PRSSA. Additionally, she works with WSRU-TV, writes a fashion blog and writes for Slippery Rock’s student newspaper, The Rocket. Haley plans to study abroad in Antigua this spring. You can follow her on Instagram @h_a_l_e_y_14_ or email her at

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