What it Takes to Lead Change Effectively in an Organization [National Assembly Keynote Recap]

Victoria Trapp of Nike spoke as the final keynote at this year’s National Assembly. Photo courtesy of Veronica Mingrone/Twitter.

Session: Leading Teams Through Change and Transition

Presenter: Victoria Trapp, Global Transition Manager, Nike Inc.

Recap: Change is inevitable, but with the help of Nike Global Transition Manager Victoria Trapp, you can get through it smoothly and come out the other side energized and excited to move forward. Trapp spoke about recognizing the importance of change. She also mentioned that leaders have to understand how they feel before they can market that change to their employees and coworkers. When identifying change, keep in mind that everyone goes through it at a different pace. It is imperative to target the vocal and silent objectors and turn them into your major influencers.

When leading change, face-to-face interaction is a must. Trapp stressed that to lead transitions effectively you should give everyone a seat at the table, not just in the room. Be transparent about what you do. Let them see you work, and tell them about what they don’t see. People will trust someone who has their interests at heart.


• Change has to happen inward before it happens outward.

• Everyone goes through change at a different pace.

• Talk in the “we” mindset at meetings. Give everyone a seat at the table, not along the wall.

• Face time is invaluable. Take the time to talk to people in person rather than sending an email that could be misunderstood and make the problem worse.

• Always be present. Don’t listen to respond, listen to understand.


Amanda Woods is the vice president of public relations of the PRSSA Chapter at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. She is a senior studying communications with a dual concentration in public relations and broadcasting, and spends her free time volunteering for too many things and reading every book in sight. You can follow Amanda on Twitter @Ladywoods13 or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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