PRSA New Professionals Equips Students for the Real World

Photo of 2010–2011 National Committee. Courtesy of Scott Thornburg.
Photo of 2010–2011 National Committee. Courtesy of Scott Thornburg.

Transitioning from student to professional can be quite the challenge. PRSSA prepares you for getting your first job, but how do you continue to learn and advance your career after college?

Looking back now, my PRSSA experience was a dream. From becoming our Chapter’s president to serving as the National Vice President of Career Services, PRSSA was my life. I met some of my closest friends through PRSSA. It prepared me for life after college and helped me land my first job, which I started three days after graduation.

The transition from college life with term papers and syllabi to adult life with bills and  demanding supervisors proved to be difficult. Luckily, the same organization that enabled personal growth for me in college was there to support me again — this time as a member of PRSA’s New Professionals Section.

So, what is PRSA New Professionals? It’s a professional interest section of PRSA that provides resources and networking opportunities to help new public relations professionals advance their careers by connecting them to a larger group of public relations leaders. As a PRSSA student, you can access many of the members-only resources for free as you prepare to transition into the “real world,” including national and regional events, webinars, blog, Twitter chats and more.

PRSSA and PRSA New Pros provide all of the tools you need to make the transition from student to professional. Get connected today.

How do you plan to utilize these resources to make the transition from PRSSA to PRSA?


Scott W. Thornburg is an associate at Eastwick in San Francisco, California. An Alabama-native and graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi, Scott now serves as a PRSSA Liaison for the PRSA New Professionals section and as the Director of Mentorship for the PRSA Silicon Valley Chapter. Find him on Twitter at @ScottWesley.

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