October 2014 “Progressions Writing Prompt”

Have you ever wanted to contribute to a blog but were unsure what to write about? Participate in “Progressions Writing Prompts,” a monthly writing exercise and contest held by PRSSA to enhance your skills and have the opportunity to get your personal blog recognized nationally.

The October 2014 writing prompt is as follows:

“How do you think connecting with your PRSA sponsor Chapter has been beneficial to your Chapter’s success?”

How It Works:

Each month a writing prompt will be posted on Progressions. Chapter members are encouraged to publish their own answer to the prompt on their personal blogs (not Chapter blogs or websites), and then email the hyperlink of their prompt answers to the publications editor in chief at progressions@prsa.org by the last day of the month.

The publications editor in chief will determine one winner each month, which will be announced on PRSSA National’s social media platforms. The announcement on social media will draw attention and readership to the winner’s piece and blog.

The following disclaimer (including hyperlink) must be included at the beginning or end of your blog post in order for your prompt answer to be considered:

I am participating in PRSSA’s “Progressions Writing Prompt” exercise for (month and year). To learn more, check out this post for details.

Remember that all answers are due to the publications editor in chief by Friday, Oct. 31, 2014. Happy blogging!

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