The Insider: Fashion PR Trends Have Broken the Barrier of Exclusivity in the Fashion Industry

In the past, fashion fads have trickled down the class system — available first to the prestige, revealed on the runways second, featured in online/print publications third, and finally, a prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) version arrives in stores near you.

To be elite and above the have-nots was once a fad in itself, but fashion publicists have taken advantage of trending social media outlets, bringing the world of fashion to another level. 

Instagram has become a trending necessity within the fashion public relations industry. Utilizing the app correctly can increase event engagement, Web traffic and overall brand awareness for clients that otherwise would not have existed. The app is a fashion go-to, establishing itself as an intermediary between fashion junkies and the fantasy world they hope to become a part of. MADE Fashion Week’s public relations team accommodates fans by adding personality to make MADE relatable. Posts of models having fun behind the scenes give followers a ‘backstage pass,” allowing them to get an idea of how much elbow grease goes into the glamourized production of Fashion Week. A picture says 1,000 words, and the fashion public relations industry is providing detailed descriptions with Instagram.


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“Attend Fashion Week” is most likely the top item on bucket lists of the fashion obsessed. When iPhone 4s were still being developed, the thought of breathing the same air as André Leon was a pipedream. Now, fashion public relations specialists have begun implementing Vine, probably one of the best inventions since live video streaming. Fashion Week is now inclusive, and everyone can grab an iPad and enjoy a front row VIP pass to any fashion show.

The six-second clip may be short, but it can adequately capture what’s important or fun at that moment. Kenneth Cole professionals took advantage of Vine by creating a video medley of the Spring 2014 collection. The videos portray everything that went into preparing for the show from the viewpoints of models, makeup artists and the production team. This trending social media outlet has enabled fashion public relations agencies to let fans know they care about them, creating a unified community in the fashion realm.

To increase the intimate relationship in the fashion world, public relations professionals have opted for Vlogging — blogging in the form of video, and the trending extended version of Vines. Traditional company blogs talk about trends, experiences and company culture, but there is little emotion behind the words. Vlogs create empathy and an experience for the viewer, giving them the chance to exploit and comment on material.

Glamour recently hosted the Women of the Year Awards, where the December issue featured extraordinary women around the globe. Among those (and the face of the cover) was Lady Gaga, and admirers of the pop superstar expressed how she had positively impacted their lives. Glamour decided to give back to Gaga’s diehard fans by preparing a behind-the-scenes Vlog of her cover photo shoot.

What social media platform is the most effective in terms of eliminating the exclusivity in fashion?

Isis Darks is a senior marketing major at the University of Toledo. She is currently the fashion editor of The Independent Collegian, the university’s affiliated newspaper. Follow her at

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