Take Advantage of your Membership During the Summer

Graphic by Mallory Richardson
Graphic by Mallory Richardson

With a summer break from regular PRSSA Chapter meetings, it would be easy to take a break from PRSSA involvement altogether. But doing that would mean cheating yourself out of three months of opportunity to use your member benefits.

Summer provides an opportunity to take advantage of some of the best PRSSA member benefits, including benefits you may not have time to fully use during the school year. Read below for a few ways to continue getting the most from your membership during the summer months.

Boost your portfolio by writing for PRSSA
Future employers will be impressed by examples of your work written during summer break. PRSSA is always looking for new Progressions blog and FORUM newspaper writers. If you have an interest in writing a post or an article, contact publications editor in chief Mallory Richardson at forum@prsa.org and progressions@prsa.org.

Network with PRSA
Don’t forget – PRSA Chapters don’t have summer break! PRSSA students are encouraged to attend local PRSA meetings to network with and learn from professionals in the community. Contact the PRSA Chapter nearest you to learn about upcoming meetings and events, and don’t forget to bring your business cards. If you are unable to attend a meeting, you can still reach out to a PRSA member for informational interviews and more. You may also contact members of the Champions for PRSSA directory for further professional advice.

Catch up on your PR news reading
PRSSA membership offers many resources for industry news and intelligence. Summer is a great time to gain advice and knowledge from the Progressions blog, FORUM newspaper, PRSSA social media and PRSA’s news and intelligence sources. Read a few articles at breakfast or check for social media updates during breaks at work.

Get started on scholarship and award applications
There are several scholarships and awards with September deadlines. By starting now, you will have more time to put together a strong application and gathering materials such as personal essays and letters of recommendation. You can also start planning for how your Chapter can work this year toward applying for a Teahan or Star Chapter Award.

How do you plan to use your member benefits this summer?

This is a guest post by vice president of member services Heather Harder. Follow her on Twitter @HeathHarder.

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