PRSSA One Year Later: Rachel Sprung, HubSpot

Editors Note: To honor our graduating PRSSA members, this “One Year Later” series will follow where our past members are one year after their graduation. Follow our “One Year Later” posts to inspire your members and learn from the success of past members.

Rachel Sprung, Hubspot

Current Company: HubSpot
Position: Brand & Buzz Coordinator
Former PRSSA Chapter: Boston University
Former PRSSA Involvement: 2010-2011 National Vice President of Regional Activities

How did you land the position? 

I saw an opening for a media relations specialist through a tweet from someone I met at a Chapter PRSSA meeting. I applied for the position and sent the hiring manager a message on LinkedIn to let her know I applied. Next, I had a phone interview and then an in-person interview. They saw that I had significant event planning experience through PRSSA and thought I would be great for the events coordinator position. It all came together from there. Since starting to work at HubSpot, my responsibilities have expanded to events, public relations and our speaking program, so I get the best of all worlds!

How has PRSSA influenced your work performance or your initial landing of the position? 

When I went into the interview at HubSpot, they saw that I had a lot of experience planning events in Boston and around the country because of PRSSA. I felt more confident making decisions because of my work with PRSSA and knew a lot because of my work with the Regional Activities (now called Regional Conferences). PRSSA also helped my organization skills, which helps me every day. Additionally, I gained leadership skills from PRSSA. At an event I worked on in San Francisco, I led a group of 40 coworkers. PRSSA gave me the skills to do that with confidence, patience and enthusiasm.

What advice would you pass along to current PRSSA members? 

Network as much as you can. Throughout my four years of college, I went off campus to meet with professionals as much as I could. By the time I started looking for full-time positions, I had a network of people to seek advice and recommendations. The job application process is tough, but that made it a bit easier.

Rachel frequently blogs her advice for young professionals in the industry. You can also follow her on Twitter @Rsprung.

This is a guest post written by the Vice President of Professional Development, Jessica Noonan.


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