PRSSA One Year Later: Ashley Wolos, Ogilvy Public Relations

Editors Note: To honor our graduating PRSSA members, this “One Year Later” series will follow where our past members are one year after their graduation. Follow our “One Year Later” posts to inspire your members and learn from the success of past members.

Ashley Wolos, Ogilvy Public Relations

Current Company: Ogilvy Public Relations
Current Position: Assistant Account Executive
Former PRSSA Chapter: American University
Former PRSSA Involvement: Chapter President and 2010 National Conference Communications Director

How did you land the position? 

After four internships, many side projects, my experiences with PRSSA and networking, I found and landed my dream job.

How has PRSSA influenced your work performance or your initial landing of the position? 

During my college career, I learned how to balance and prioritize my life, including class work, projects, internships, PRSSA responsibilities and of course my life outside of those parameters. I used that skill from day one at Ogilvy. Also, PRSSA taught me that it is okay to absolutely love what you do and to always stay on message because you’re constantly adding people to your network. Adopting a “work hard, play hard” attitude and life balance continues to this day and is encouraged in my workplace in order to be a well-rounded employee.

What advice would you pass along to current PRSSA members? 

Life is short, so live your dream and share your passion. When you’re truly passionate about something, it will show through. Get involved early in PRSSA and give it your all. PRSSA is a fantastic way to make connections, build a portfolio and find lifelong friends who will be your future colleagues all around the country in the near future and 20 years from now.

This is a guest post written by the Vice President of Professional Development, Jessica Noonan.

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