Understanding the Business Case for Public Relations

Choosing to become a public relations practitioner is not necessarily a well-known career choice like an engineer, accountant or healthcare provider. PRSA’s industry advocacy campaign, the Business Case for Public Relations, shapes the way people value public relations  in every form of business. It not only promotes professionalism, but also sheds light on why public relations is important to the success of business.

PRSA's Business Case for Public RelationsMatthew Harrington, president and CEO of Edelman Worldwide, was one of the public relations industry leaders who helped create this campaign. “There needs to be a greater awareness that public relations can be part of a solution,” he said, “and an avenue to greater transparency and is not often the problem in and of itself.” (See what other industry leaders thought here.)

Trust in business improves when communication is a top priority to the company. Future public relations professionals should learn the importance of organized business tactics in order to create more efficient and effective business plans. But fellow co-workers should also understand the value of the public relations department in order for the company to benefit from those plans.

Knowing these things as a professional will ultimately advance the general understanding of public relations in the business world.

• Understanding measurement of public relations programs.

• Facilitate a better understanding and appreciation of the public relations profession.

• Communicate the value of public relations.

• Improve incorrect attitudes and perceptions about the practice of public relations.

• Arm yourself with information on the latest industry trends, research and techniques.

To become a better public relations professional, you must first clearly understand the reasons for its existence. It’s time to get down to business!

How do you define public relations? How would you explain the value of public relations?

This is a guest post by University of Toledo Chapter member, Megan Gross. Megan is a junior from Temperance, Michigan, majoring in marketing and minoring in communication.

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