Get Social: A Blueprint for Social Media Strategy

Get Social: A Blueprint for Social Media Strategy,” hosted by the Beth Wood Chapter of PRSSA at Indiana University, focused on how to use social media strategically in public relations. Throughout the day, speakers presented on a variety of issues related to the current state of the public relations industry and how we need to incorporate social media.

It’s About Social, Not Media
Social media consultant Jay Baer kicked off the conference with an enlightening presentation focused on the idea that every customer has become a reporter through social media. Social media earns the right to promote because we all choose our social media relationships – we have the power to click “unfollow” when we don’t care for someone’s tweets.

#GetSocial4Japan Tweet Drive
Taking social media a step further for the greater good is Harrison Kratz, Tweet Drive founder. We were able to spend the evening with Harrison as we donated to Japan’s relief efforts.

Stinking Thrategically: How to Start Your Communications Career Ahead of the Curve
“What are we trying to accomplish?” is a question social media expert Jason Falls said is the key to thinking strategically. Don’t be a list “do-er” and focus on the tasks; rather, see and seize all opportunities by focusing on what needs to be accomplished.

Case Studies from the Pros
Linhart PR digital media leader Paula Berg and MindFrame principal Kyle Lacy shared their experiences on how using social media has affected them in their careers. Berg advised attendees to never miss an opportunity to lead social media conversation. She also emphasized the importance of taking the opportunity to state your position clearly.

Lacy emphasized the power of stories. Stories give context and connect you with someone, which can be powerful for a brand. Stories inspire more people to action.

Social Media Hot Topics Panel
What is appropriate social media etiquette? It is simple, said Lacy. Just be yourself. Do you really want to work for someone who doesn’t accept you for who you are? Have some common sense though and take the advice of Lacy, “Don’t tweet between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.”

Directing the Social Change Whirlwind From the Inside
The conference ended with Michael Herman, recipient of the PRSA Gold Anvil for Lifetime Career Achievement in 2009. Herman left us with some words of wisdom.

  • Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut. You don’t learn anything if you’re talking.
  • Value people and use things. Don’t use people and value things.
  • Watch, listen and learn. You’re going to make mistakes. You can learn from negative experiences, too.

Lauren Johnson is PRSSA Chapter President at Northern Kentucky University.

Did you attend Indiana University’s event? What information interested you? What new information did you learn that benefits you as a pre-professional public relations student?

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