PRSSA to PRSA: Making the Transition

Making the transition from PRSSA to PRSA can be intimidating – especially for individuals who have not secured a job post-graduation. But what many students do not realize is that taking the next step in public relations means exposing your personal brand and networking with PRSA professionals.

Lucky for PRSSA members, establishing oneself as a PRSA member can be accomplished in three easy steps.

Join as an Associate Member. To help PRSSA members who have recently graduated (or will graduate soon), PRSA offers Associate Membership with a discounted rate for only $60.

Build your personal brand. Now it is time to roll up your sleeves and get involved. Recent graduates and new professionals are encouraged to join the PRSA New Professionals. Depending on your interests, you can choose to become involved in any of the other 15 Professional Interest Sections as well. All sections allow you to directly work with peers, showcase your leadership skills and meet other PRSA members.

Network with PRSA professionals. Start small and expand your network as you slowly step outside your comfort zone and build confidence. The best way to network is to take advantage of the various PRSA outlets, including the PRSA Online Discussion Forums PRSA Webinars and the PRSA APR program. No matter what type of professional development opportunity you are looking for, PRSA always has something to offer.

Joining PRSA as an Associate allows you to expand your professional boundaries and gain career advancement. It is imperative that the members of PRSSA continue to grow and become leaders in our profession through PRSA and beyond.

For more information about PRSA and how to join as an Associate Member, visit the PRSA website.

This is a guest post from Vice President of Member Services Jemalyn Chavez.

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