Blogs Are Social Media Too: The Best Public Relations Blogs

Ask someone to list two social media outlets and almost always they will say, “Facebook and Twitter.” It’s true; these are two important social media tools but there are many more to consider. One of the most important (but often forgotten) social media tools is blogs. Personal, professional and corporate blogs share some of the world’s most relevant information. Some of these blogs even serve as a tool for professional development.

Whether you’re interested in an entertainment blog (think Post Secret) or something more beneficial to your career, subscribing to an RSS feed will help manage what you read. Try Google Reader, Feed Reader or NewzCrawler to funnel all the things you follow into one easy-to-use tool.

When your RSS feed is in place, go to each of these sites and click on “Follow,” “Subscribe” or the signature orange and white icon.

1. PRSSA Blog: This is an important tool for PRSSA members. Not only can you learn from current contributors, but you can also submit posts. It’s a great way to share what a Chapter has been up to and to earn blogging experience.

2. Culpwrit: Written by Ron Culp, this blog focuses on “guiding the career in public relations.” Each post, whether written by Culp or a guest, reflects challenges and suggestions for public relations professionals.

3. Strategic Public Relations: As the name suggests, this blog aims to teach strategy behind public relations. Its focus is on integrated communication and the author, Kevin Dugan, uses pictures, graphs and videos to illustrate his point.

4. Edelman 6 a.m.: The CEO of Edelman PR, Richard Edelman contributes relevant posts. He uses facts to support his messages and has valuable information to share.

5. PR 2.0: Author Brian Solis uses this blog to define and discuss the effects of social media and other Internet tools on public relations.

What RSS feed do you use to manage the blogs you read? What blogs do you read regularly that provide relevant public relations information?

This is a guest post from Vice President of Professional Development Therese Kuster.

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