The Next Phase of Your Career

Many of us graduating seniors around the country are working on finishing the last semester or quarters, passing on leadership positions to future leaders and enjoying our last few months as college students. It’s also important to start thinking about your career and the tools at your disposal to help in your job search.

If you are graduating this spring, you are now eligible to join PRSA. Even though you’re still in school, PRSA offers PRSSA members the opportunity to join as an Associate Member for $60, which is significantly less than the $225 for regular members. Joining PRSA now will help you transition from being a student to a professional and will enhance your career.

Hopefully you have taken advantage of PRSSA’s member benefits; PRSA offers even more to its 20,000+ members. Here are some of the top PRSA member benefits to utilize in the coming months:

  • PRSA Jobcenter. If you’re looking for a job, PRSA’s Jobcenter has many full-time positions for you to search. There are also career resources available to those who have Jobcenter access.
  • Mentoring. If you’re looking for a job, consider matching up with an experienced PRSA professional to guide you through the process of launching your career. More information on this is available within Jobcenter.
  • Publications. All PRSA members receive Public Relations Tactics newspaper and The Public Relations Strategist magazine free. You’ll be able to stay on top of trends and be prepared to discuss them during any interviews you have.
  • Networking Opportunities. While networking opportunities are available for PRSSA members, new PRSA members can join Professional Interest Sections, such as the New Professionals Section, as well as attend PRSA meetings, conferences and professional development seminars. Becoming active in a new organization will help expand your network and your career.

Though the thought may be overwhelming, your career is beginning soon. Join PRSA early to enjoy these benefits and start your career on the right path.

In the next several months, guest bloggers will post about their PRSSA to PRSA transition and how it has impacted their careers. For now, feel free to comment if you have any questions about the transition.

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