Something to Think About

“In the next few years, the scarcest commodity of all will be the attention of the consumer.”

But we already knew that right? So as we attend sessions and network during National Conference, and meet with potential employers, how can we apply this new adage to our behavior?

We must be in the mindset that public relations will be constantly changing. Getting to know those people who are highly adaptive and conscious of their surroundings will increase your awareness of it. Also, becoming mentees of the thought leaders of public relations will help you understand where this new age public relations is heading.

As we continue to develop professionally, it will not be beneficial for us to imitate those professionals who are not acknowledging the “PR Evolution.” Ask those potential employers the tough questions:

  • Where do they see public relations five years from now? 10 years?
  • What new communications tools have they adopted?

We are entering an unprecedented age of communications. In the next couple of years, it will be you and I figuring out ways to get the attention of our audiences.

Let us all stay in this mindset; and throughout National Conference and beyond, challenge the industry to keep up with the change.

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