Is Ethics in Politics an Oxymoron?

This is brought to you by the Vice Presidentof Advocacy, Brandi Boatner:

Disclaimer: PRSSA is a non-partisan organization

In the political arena, there are ethical considerations, actions and consequences political candidates must constantly face. How can public officials and political candidates maintain a commitment to ethical decision making? One suggestion is for them to adopt an ethics code. A unique characteristic about our Society is our Code of Ethics adopted from PRSA.

According to Plato, the actual practice of direct politics serves as an ethical foundation and establishes a republic where the individual can become a happy human being. As we approach an upcoming presidential election year, I wonder if political virtues are upheld by candidates running for office. Last week, there was an article on regarding the lack of diversity in politics however, there is an ethical perspective to this issue. Did public officials act fairly and just? To read the article click here:

So the question I pose to our Society is do you think ethics in politics is an oxymoron or do most politicians uphold ethical values when dealing with the public?

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