Get Excited for National Conference in Philly!

“[PRSSA] how I love thee, let me count the ways!” Ladies and gentlemen, new PRSSA members, returning members and affiliates, it is almost time for National Conference, the largest gathering of PRSSA and PRSA members of the year! It is easy to overlook the magnitude of this event, so allow me to give you a few tips in preparing for one of the most exciting events you’ll experience. First, take a seat, a pen and paper if you choose, and enlarge the window of the site if necessary.

Ready? Awesome.

First and foremost, register and book your room! The registration process does not take very long at all. Also, the hotel rooms go very quickly, so unless you want a brisk walk to start each day off at National Conference, I suggest that this item is completed quickly.

Once that is done, spread the word that you signed up for National Conference to your Chapter. I’m sure that you are a very nice person, and once members see that you-a cool person- signed up, they are more than likely to follow. Plus since you’ll be so excited to go and learn more about public relations, why wouldnt others want to go?

After you have your entire Chapter signed up, review the schedule and plan goals for what you want to get out for going to Philadelphia. For some, it may be meeting a group of people across the nation; for others, it may be to come home with scheduled interviews (seniors: hint, hint).

Update (or create) your resumes and count your business cards to make sure you have enough to pass out to other PRSSA members and professionals. If there is an event where networking is crucial, this would be it.

So now you and your Chapter are registered, you got your portfolio ready and got your goals set. During National Conference, you will have some free time. Take a look at Philly’s attractions and see if there is anything there you would like to visit. One of the Nations oldest cities, I’m sure you’ll find something.

Last and certainly not least: come with an open mind and be ready to have fun. To be in a place where there are hundreds of students who have the same aspirations as you is so rewarding. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, the National Conference Committee will be more than willing to help you out. See you in Philly!

Returning and past PRSSA/PRSA members: what are some of your favorite moments from past National Conferences?

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