Chapter Discussions at the PRSSA 2023 Leadership Assembly

The PRSSA 2023 Leadership Assembly provided students with the chance to enhance their skills as Chapter and industry leaders, while also addressing crucial topics such as mental health, DEI, and the skills required to navigate uncertain times. One aspect of the PRSSA Leadership Assembly that particularly resonated with me was the Chapter discussions. These sessions offered an invaluable opportunity for students to connect with peers from other Chapters; share their thoughts, struggles, and experiences; and learn from one another. As someone who attended the event for the first time, I found the Chapter discussions to be one of the most valuable experiences of the Assembly. 

Coming from a smaller Chapter in Fresno, Calif., I was thrilled to hear from other Chapters that have the same size and share similar experiences. The Chapter discussions not only expanded my knowledge of PRSSA, but they also gave me ideas and inspiration to help my own Chapter grow and succeed. It was refreshing to hear from other students who were facing similar challenges and to know that we were not alone. 

During the Chapter discussions, I was able to network with other PRSSA members and hear about their experiences. I learned about the diverse roles held by other Chapters’ boards, exciting fundraising methods, trendy clothing and merchandise ideas, and effective strategies to enhance member recruitment and engagement. For instance, one Chapter shared a successful initiative to sell food on campus during lunchtime, offering a variety of delicious snacks and baked goods. Another creative idea they implemented was organizing a Christmas-themed event where students could take a picture with Santa for a small price. All the funds raised from selling snacks and baked goods, along with the profit from the Santa picture sales, went directly to their PRSSA Chapter, significantly boosting their funds. These practical fundraising strategies not only generated revenue, but also increased awareness and engagement among students. Inspired by these examples, I am excited to bring similar ideas back to my Chapter at Fresno State, fueling our fundraising efforts and strengthening our financial position.

The Chapter discussions also provided a platform for students to discuss the various national programs that PRSSA offers. It was exciting to hear about all the programs we could participate in and the impact they could have on our Chapter. The discussions allowed us to share our own experiences with these programs and learn from others’ experiences. The session provided us with a deeper insight into the many opportunities that PRSSA provides and how we can make the most of them. 

Looking ahead to the upcoming semester, I am optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead for our Chapter. The Chapter discussions at the Assembly have given me the tools and inspiration to help my Chapter grow and succeed. I am excited to share the knowledge and ideas I have gained with my fellow members, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact we can make together.

Overall, the Chapter discussions at the PRSSA Leadership Assembly were a valuable opportunity for students to learn from each other and expand their knowledge of the industry. As a PR student, attending the Assembly and participating in the Chapter discussions was one of the best decisions I have made. I highly encourage students to consider attending a future Leadership Assembly. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to implementing what I learned in my role as vice president.

Andrew De La Rosa was born and raised in Selma, California and has already earned two associate degrees in communication studies and liberal studies from Clovis Community College. In the fall of 2022, Andrew transferred to California State University, Fresno, and is now pursuing a B.A. in mass communication & journalism with a focus on advertising & public relations. Andrew joined the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and the Hispanic Business Students Association (HBSA) and currently serves as an executive board member for both organizations. Additionally, he is a member of TALK, Fresno State’s student-run PR firm. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys going to the beach, traveling to new destinations, trying new restaurants, and catching up with family and friends. After he graduates in May 2024, Andrew plans to work as a public relations practitioner or an advertising specialist. Andrew is an outgoing individual who loves communicating with others and is excited about his future career in the field of communications.

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