Position Spotlight: National President, Alyson Hoffman


What is your role? 

The role of the National President is not only to support the nine other National Committee members and communicate with PRSA Headquarters, but it is also to serve as the person who leads the Society into the following year. When serving in this leadership position, you are looking for ways to ensure over 6,000 PRSSA members are being helped and supported in the best possible way. In my day-to-day role, I understand all aspects of the Society and ensure that each sector is thriving. The job requires a mixture of strategizing, planning, hard work, and fun.

Why do you think your role is meaningful? 

To best impact those around me, I must stay organized and always be a listening ear. Within the National Committee, there is a lot happening simultaneously, such as membership benefits, social content and District Conferences. By staying organized, I can make sure there is meaning behind every connection and the vice presidents have the support they need so that they can continue to serve other members. My virtual office door is always open to the membership for any questions, comments, or concerns, and I love hearing about the exciting and new things Chapters are doing. I ran for President because I could make a positive impact and help guide PRSSA into the next phase after COVID-19. 

What has been the biggest takeaway from your time on the PRSSA National Committee?

The biggest takeaway I have had is the connections to other members across the country and Latin America. I could be on a morning call with someone in California and then speak to a member in Argentina that same afternoon. There is a diverse group on the PRSSA National Committee this year, and they all have taught me valuable lessons about life, college, and the profession. 

What has been your favorite part of the term so far?

My favorite part of the term so far has been ICON 2022. This was my first-time attending ICON in person and the first in person ICON since the pandemic. Seeing people face-to-face and hearing their PRSSA stories was refreshing. There is something so special about human interaction within PRSSA. Everyone should plan to attend ICON 2023 in Nashville!

Why did you apply for PRSSA National?

I applied for a position in the PRSSA National Committee in 2021 because other Ohio Northern students had served, and their service made a lasting impact on them and the Society. I also have to credit my Faculty Adviser, Alisa Agozzino, for pushing me to apply so that I could strengthen my leadership skills. 

What advice would you share with your future successor?

The advice I would share is to be your authentic self and continue to remember the passion that you had in previous positions within PRSSA. There will be times when the role will keep you busy and the tasks seem never ending but serving and helping your peers is so rewarding. 


What is your dream job?

Talk show television host. 

What is your favorite animal? 

Polar Bear.

Which app have you spent the most time on this school year?

Gmail, but Google Calendar is a close second! 

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you visit? 


What’s your go-to coffee shop order?

Iced or hot chai tea latte with caramel. 

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