My Journey with FINN Partners: Embracing Diversity and Gaining Invaluable Insights

The FINN Partners Program for PR and Diversity focuses on educating and training both new and existing employees on the significance of diversity and inclusion while providing guidance on how to effectively implement these principles in their work. The program aims to actively engage with the broader PR industry by sharing best practices, stories, and thought leadership, inspiring others to adopt and promote diversity and inclusion initiatives in their own organizations.

My experience with FINN Partners began when I had the opportunity to participate in multiple panels focusing on PR and diversity. These panels aimed to provide an insider’s view on the agency’s operations and how they address marketing challenges in a rapidly evolving world.

As someone aspiring to be a part of academia, it was crucial for me to grasp the distinction of diversity and the potential solutions to overcome obstacles that emerge as I strive to positively impact my future students. The global PR agency has not only expanded my understanding of diversity in the workplace, but has also provided me with the tools to tackle barriers that hinder growth in the ever-changing global landscape.

One of the most valuable aspects of my journey with FINN Partners was their mentorship program. My mentor, Amanda Magalski, took the time to learn about me and my passions in order to provide tailored guidance and introduce me to relevant resources. She connected me with professionals in the field who gave me a closer look at the benefits of working for a global agency. Amanda also invited me to attend brainstorming sessions and internal meetings on various campaigns, allowing me to gain firsthand insight into the PR world. This immersive experience helped me identify areas of emphasis that I would like to focus on when teaching my future students.

Another enlightening panel I attended was titled “Resume and Interview Best Practices.” This panel addressed my long-standing concerns about which experiences to include on my resume when applying for different positions. The panelists emphasized the importance of including relevant experiences and being concise while showcasing transferable skills from other job experiences that could benefit the new position. They also highlighted the differences between resumes for internships and full-time jobs and noted that a GPA is not a crucial factor for HR personnel. The cover letter was described as an “audition,” allowing HR to connect the dots between the resume and the applicant’s voice. As someone in the communications field and future academia, writing is an indispensable skill that must be honed and perfected.

In conclusion, my experience with FINN Partners has been invaluable in expanding my perspective on diversity in the workplace and providing me with essential tools to navigate the complexities of various industries. As I continue my journey towards becoming a lecturer, I am grateful for the insights I have gained, which will undoubtedly shape my approach to teaching and inspire my future students.

Dina Saad, outreach coordinator from 2021 to 2023, is currently a graduate teaching assistant at California State University, Fullerton. Pursuing her degree in mass communication and research theory, Dina is an active participant in various extracurricular activities.Apart from her role in PRSSA, Dina dedicates her time as the vice chair of finance for the Communications Inter-Club Council at CSUF’s College of Communications. She has successfully organized numerous events such as COMMWEEK and the College of Communications Awards Ceremony. Before arriving in the United States, Dina gained valuable experience in public relations and event planning while working for the vice president of Mansoura University in Egypt. She also holds a master’s degree in Tourism Studies from the same institution. You can connect with Saad on LinkedIn.

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