District Conference Preview: PRacticing Sustainability (Temple University 2023)

The Temple University Chapter of PRSSA is excited to announce the 2023 Mid-Atlantic District Conference: “PRacticing Sustainability.” This event will be taking place on Sunday, April 16, 2023, and will be held online via Zoom.

The Conference will focus on the ever-changing concept of sustainability and how it affects our public relations practices. Some aspects of sustainability that will be covered include environmental, economic, human and social. Attendees can expect to hear from speakers both local to the Philadelphia area and from around the country.

Throughout this online event, there will be plenty of opportunities for attendees to network with each other and with our guest speakers via Zoom breakout rooms.

We are also excited to announce just a few of our confirmed Conference guest speakers: Hannah Poor, Grace Savage, and Kathleen Weber.

Hannah Poor is the campaign organizer for the Climate and Energy Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “solving the planet’s most pressing problems” by using advocacy and technical analysis. We are honored to have Poor and her team speak about their experiences advocating for a better planet and sharing their expertise as our keynote speakers for our Conference.

Grace Savage is the public relations coordinator for the Philadelphia Horticultural Society. Savage and her team are responsible for putting together events related to nature for the Philadelphia community and beyond, including the Philadelphia Flower Show. We cannot wait for her to share insight into planning events like this and how they relate to environmental sustainability.

Kathleen Weber is a Temple University alum who works at Carpenter Technologies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as their ESG specialist. The Carpenter Technology Corporation specializes in the production and distribution of titanium alloys, powder metals, stainless steels, alloy steels, and tool steels used in many key sectors of the STEM market. We’re excited to hear Weber speak about social sustainability and how it relates to both her position and public relations as a whole.

We highly encourage attendees to be ready to engage with speakers by bringing questions and preparing to discuss concepts learned from presenters in various breakout rooms. Having a digital copy of your resume handy may also be useful. Our goal for this Conference is to make sure all guests know how to “PRactice Sustainability” by the end of the day, so get ready to interact and participate.

Attendees are also encouraged to follow @PRacticingSustainability2023 and @TemplePRSSA on Instagram and check out our website for more information and all other updates. Tickets are now available to purchase.

We cannot wait to showcase our amazing speakers and share the importance of sustainability within public relations at the Mid-Atlantic District Conference.

Rachael Dickson is a senior public relations major at Temple University who has been an active member of PRSSA since their sophomore year. Dickson has served on Temple PRSSA’s executive board as an assistant conference coordinator for their 2022 Invitational Conference and is now the lead conference coordinator for the 2023 Mid-Atlantic District Conference. After graduation, they plan on using their social media and graphic design experience in the content creation industry.

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