District Conference Preview – PRos Leaders: The Art of Leadership in Communications (The University of San Martin de Porres 2022)

This article is part of our 2022 District Conference coverage series. For more information on PRSSA District Conferences, click here.

  1. How did you arrive at your conference theme and what can members expect to see at this conference?

In a world that is constantly changing, one key ability that stays constant is being a leader. But what does that involve? Effective communication, management, problem-solving skills and teamwork, are some of the main features demanded by an evolving industry like public relations.

This Conference will provide attendees the necessary tools to run businesses successfully, and they will also be inspired to become high-impact leaders in their communities, capable of generating an environment with opportunities for everyone.  

  1. Is your conference virtual or in person? If it’s virtual, what are some of the platforms being used?

The University of San Martin de Porres’ PRSSA Chapter is excited to present our  District Conference, PRos Leaders: The Art of Leadership in Communications, virtually. The conference is taking place on April 6–⁠8 via Zoom. The Conference is free and will include live translation for all our international attendees. 

  1. Tell me about the session that excites you the most. Why should members tune in for this?

One of the most exciting topics is about sustainability and the compromise every business should make in order to provide a service or a product with positive impact in our society. 

There will be a panel with different successful enterprises in the field that will share their experiences. Also, another trending topic that’ll be discussed is the role of the social listener in social communities, and how they control and answer diverse situations. 

  1. Do you have any planned networking events? How will your conference allow members to connect?

Our District Conference will provide the attendees networking opportunities during the breaks in which they can share their contact information. We will encourage all the participants to get to know more about PRSSA and interact with members from different Chapters. During the personal branding workshops, there will also be opportunities to interact with the speaker and other participants.

  1. How can members make the most of their conference experience?

This whole event has one main objective: making you a high-impact leader. For that, we expect attendees to participate and be connected during all the sessions. Taking notes, asking questions and staying engaged, are the best ways to make the most of your experience at this conference (and learn how to be a strong leader). 

  1. Anything else you would like to share?

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Solé Paz is a senior studying public relations at San Martin de Porres University. She currently serves as the director of scholarships and internships, where she finds opportunities for members’ growth. Outside of PRSSA, she loves learning new languages such as Italian and French. Solé aspires to use that knowledge and her public relations skills to represent her country at the United Nations.    

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