National Committee Spotlight: Vice President of Events and Fundraising

This article is part of our National Committee Spotlight series. This series features our current National Committee reflecting on their experience and offering insights into their respective roles as we approach National Elections and Leadership Assembly. To learn more about running for National Committee, click here.

What is your role? Please give a brief overview of your role and responsibilities.  

As national vice president of events and fundraising, I have the opportunity to advise Chapters and members on events, fundraising and sponsorship through individualized meetings and relevant content such as handbooks, blogs and social media posts. In addition to providing general advice and relevant resources, I am responsible for recruiting, selecting and overseeing the execution of all PRSSA District Conferences across the globe. 

What does a typical day in your position look like? 

Much like the industry as a whole, no day looks quite the same. Some of my typical daily tasks include responding to email inquiries, sending out reminders to Conference Coordinators, checking in on District Conference progress and doing all I can to help promote the upcoming Conferences. Earlier on in the position, a lot of my days consisted of email outreach to potential Conference hosts, reviewing and interviewing applicants, pairing National Committee members with Conferences and helping update and distribute relevant handbooks. 

What has been your favorite part of serving on the National Committee?

It may sound cheesy, but one of the best parts of serving on the National Committee is the instant friendships you gain. Whether it’s the other National Committee members or Society members you interact with, this position allows you to expand your network on a nationwide level. Plus, everyone you meet is an incredibly driven, talented individual that you may work with once you graduate. I have so much love for all of the friends I’ve made through this position so far! 

What has been the most challenging aspect of your position?

All rewarding experiences have challenges associated, and this position is no exception. At times, it can feel like your to-do list is never-ending, especially if this isn’t your only commitment. However, it’s completely manageable as long as you budget your time well and balance all of your involvements. Managing your time and planning ahead is the key to staying calm, cool and collected in this role. 

What is something you are most proud of achieving in this role? 

When I began this position, my first priority was improving the District Conference application process, and I am so proud to say that my updates were highly successful. Rather than simply filling out a Bid Form to apply to host a Conference, Chapters now have the ability to fill out a non-binding interest form to ask questions, get more information and learn if hosting a Conference is something their Chapter is ready to take on. After that, the District Conference Hosting Application goes live, which is the binding bid to host a Conference. This updated process went very well, and we got a lot of applicants as well as a lot of interest. All of the feedback I received regarding these changes was positive, which is something I am incredibly proud of. 

What advice would you like to share with your future successor? 

Enjoy it while it lasts. Your time on the National Committee will go by way quicker than you expect, so don’t forget to enjoy everything the position is while you can. Meet up with your fellow National Committee members, have virtual or in-person socials, talk to as many people as you can and have a bit of fun. You’ll be thankful you did when your position comes to an end. 

Lightning Round

Favorite social media platform? 

Easy – TikTok. I don’t think I need to explain further. 

Dream job? 

I’d love to be part of the communications team at P&G working on purpose-driven initiatives, corporate reputation projects and any and all of their CPG brands. (If someone from P&G’s communications team is reading this, connect with me on LinkedIn.)

Favorite TV show/movie/book at the moment? 

I’m currently binging Teen Wolf. I’m late to the party, I know. But it’s a really good show, even years later. I’m also currently obsessed with Encanto. 

Favorite quote? 

“Treat people with kindness.” -Harry Styles 

Erin Lewis is a senior at the University of Florida studying public relations, minoring in event management and earning a certificate in international communication. She currently serves as the national vice president of events and fundraising for PRSSA National Committee, a customer success associate for Statusphere, an assistant managing director for Student-run Firm Alpha PRoductions and the events director for Her Campus UFL. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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