Why You Need To Join Clubhouse

If by now you do not have the Clubhouse app downloaded, you might be living under a rock … No worries. I am here to put you up to speed on the latest tech news.

Word on the street is there is a new social networking app in town, but this one is different. Clubhouse is an invite-only and audio-based app where users around the world can talk, listen and learn from each other. Users can hop from room to room and join a variety of conversations from dating horror stories to entrepreneurship and the hottest, newest topic — NFTs (nonfungible tokens). The only catch is all the conversations are held in real time, so if you are not in the room you will miss what is said. 

What makes this app unique is the access you have to talk to people you probably would never be able to reach on any other social networking app. Celebrities to CEOs have flocked to join the audio-based app. Recognized Clubhouse users include Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Gary Vaynerchuck and Drake.

The app launched in April 2020 and in just eight months is reportedly valued at $1 billion. Even top executives from companies like Facebook have left to join Clubhouse. 

What does this mean for public relations professionals?

Implement new strategies. Social media moves fast and public relations professionals need to be up to date on the latest trends and come up with innovative strategies for their clients to stay top of mind. Brands have started experimenting on Clubhouse by sponsoring rooms hosted by influencers for product launches. It’s crucial for public relations professionals to be early adopters to beat their competitors. I would recommend looking into implementing this audio-based app as part of a communications plan to get ahead of the competition.

Build relationships. This app is excellent for networking with industry professionals, influencers and brands. It allows you to connect with many people at the same time as you would in a networking event, but at your fingertips. You can even join communities on topics you are most passionate about.

Brand yourself. This platform gives you the opportunity to establish your personal brand by sharing your story and insights on various topics.

As I stated before, this is an exclusive app where an invitation is needed to join. If you need one, send me a message on LinkedIn and let’s get you started.

So what do public relations pros think about Clubhouse? I decided to ask a few seasoned veterans in my network to describe their experiences with the app so far:

Jennifer R. Hudson, APR, President, ThinkBeyond Public Relations, and Immediate Past President, PRSA Greater Fort Lauderdale

I think it’s important for communications professionals to be aware of Clubhouse — especially if company staff or their clients are there. Like any social media platform, whether or how much you engage should depend on where your target audiences live, work and play.

I’ve found Clubhouse to be a great platform to build thought leadership; engage in intriguing, out-of-the-box conversations; and meet wonderful people from all over the world. I’ve joined rooms on topics I’m passionate about like food, Black art, travel and entrepreneurship I’ve reconnected with Spaniards in the Spanish-language rooms, sat in on book readings, learned about NFTs (nonfungible tokens) and Bitcoin, and caught the tail end of an amazing full production of “In The Heights”!

I’m particularly interested in lead generation for my online mentoring and training programs for communications professionals, so I created the Strategic Communicators Club. I host “Networking and Random”so we can get to know one another better, and “StratChat Weekly” to discuss topics of interest and support public relations pros interested in learning how to increase revenue and add greater value with strategic services.

For someone like me who thrives on curiosity and loves learning new things, Clubhouse is a never-ending source of insights and information. The app is still in beta mode, so it’s changing constantly. I can’t wait to see how it evolves!

Erika Mayor, CEO and Founder, GrupoMayor Consulting, and Immediate Past President, PRSA Miami

Clubhouse is a really great tool to connect with and hear from other public relations professionals who we would otherwise never have the ability to reach. For freelancers, consultants and professionals like myself, it’s been an avenue to reach potential clients. You have the flexibility to look through niche rooms that represent the type of client base you specialize in, or would like to. The app has been a breath of fresh air in a time when face-to-face networking is not always possible. As more people join Clubhouse, I see public relations people becoming voices and establishing notable clubs as a way to expand their network.

Clubhouse very well may become a crucial part of the future of our profession. Join in on the conversation today and put yourself out there!

Kimberly Aldunate is a senior studying public relations and advertising with a specialization in social media and marketing analytics at Florida International University in Miami. She is currently the Chapter president for FIU PRSSA and a District Ambassador for PRSSA National, supporting Tri-State area Chapters, and is a PRoud Council member. Aldunate is interested in the media, entertainment and tech industries. She’s a relationship builder enthusiast, and you can find her at every networking event. Follow her on Instagram and/or Twitter @kimaldunate and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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