Tools of the Trade: New Software for your Workflow

Academics, student involvement, internships, work — oh my! Sometimes it can feel that students need to be involved in everything and have it all together. Let’s be real —  as much as we would all love to, most of us don’t have it all together. However, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite digital tools and programs to help us all get one step closer.

This is my number one tool for keeping my life together and organized through all of my organizations and leadership roles. I’d describe Notion as a mix between a task management site, a virtual scrapbook, and a living Pinterest board. I have yet to find something that Notion can’t do to streamline my life. I personally use Notion for class management, internship/job application trackers, databases, meeting notes, habit trackers, as a content calendar and  so much more. It’s incredible how many possibilities there are within the program and the program is FREE! There is an upgraded version that allows for larger file imports, but even that is free for students with a .edu email. Notion also offers Notion for Teams, which enables you to add people into your workspace and assign tasks, etc. Already use a platform you love? No problem. Notion offers integrations with Google Drive, Trello, Asana and Evernote. I could go on and on about Notion, but those are a few of my favorite highlights.

I’ve created a notion page specifically for PRSSA here with links that you can utilize to help with your own Chapter!


In our virtual world, physical, disposable business cards are a thing of the past. With a traditional business card, you can only share your contact info, but what if you could ALSO share your resume, portfolio samples, recommendation letters and all career-related things all with one tap? That’s what Linq offers with their NFC embedded products. Linq offers a variety of options to share your customized profile easily. It is absolutely incredible and will save you money in the long run since you won’t be having to print out new business cards every time you run out or have a rebrand! Linq has bracelets, pop sockets, apple watch bands and of course, a physical business card that you can even customize in order to share your story with those you encounter.

You can view Linq’s products here and get 15% off.


One year ago I did not have Woven integrated into my life, but now I can’t imagine doing work without it. Woven is the answer to every one of my scheduling prayers, 100%. You can load Google and Microsoft calendars into Woven and the program will take it from there. The feature I love the most about Woven is their scheduling link feature. This feature allows me to create “scheduling templates” that let me section off when I’d like to be available for various types of meetings and I can then send that link to anyone I need to meet with so that they can schedule at their convenience. No more back and forth emails trying to find a time.

If you want to learn more about these products, check out this YouTube video where I dive into more detail about these products and how to use them best as a PRSSA member.

Rachel Meltzer

Rachel Meltzer is a junior at the University of Oklahoma studying public relations and stage management. She additionally serves as the vice president of events and fundraising on the PRSSA National Committee. Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn.

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