Brands Respond to President Biden Inauguration- An Analysis

"Brands Respond to President Biden Inauguration- An Analysis" graphic with Dieter Tirado Núñez headshot

After so many days of controversy surrounding the presidency of the United States, the inevitable day of the inauguration of the new president-elect, Joe Biden, finally arrived. The celebration of this event transcended to social networks, where the most recognized organizations and brands gave their support to the president this past Jan. 20.

Patagonia posted a tweet on its official account where it welcomed the new president and Kamala Harris as vice president, and also thanked them for different actions that the new government’s cabinet has taken in terms of protecting the environment.

Just hours after the inauguration, Biden also stated that his administration plans to reincorporate the United States into the Paris climate agreement, which was signed almost six years ago in order to take action to reverse global warming. In light of this news, Audi posted a photo on Twitter with the new e-tron GT model inspired by the Paris agreement.

In addition, Ford Motor Company also spoke out about the Paris agreement with a statement in support of this new resolution.

Finally, renowned ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s did not miss the opportunity to comment on this event and published a message in support of Kamala Harris from the company’s official Twitter account in which it expressed: “first woman, first of color, first South Asian Vice President.”

We are starting to see more and more brands comment on the news and popular culture items. Consider this when crafting messages on behalf of your clients. Being able to read the room and communicate authentically will be key as brands look to continue this practice.

Dieter Tirado Núñez

Dieter Tirado is a junior student at Universidad de San Martín de Porres (USMP) in Lima, Peru. He is pursuing a major in PR with a minor in Advertisement. He has served as a PRSSA National Publications Subcommittee member since 2019. As PRSSA USMP’s International Ambassador and the Assistant Director of its Student-run Firm, PR USMP, Dieter takes advantage of every moment and experience in the Society. During his free time, you can find him singing, connecting with people from his city and the world, and watching any kind of videos online just for fun. Connect with Dieter on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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