Four Lessons Learned from Bateman

The Scripps PRSSA 2019-20 Bateman Team

PRSSA has provided countless opportunities that have helped me grow, both personally and professionally, but by far the most rewarding experience has been being a part of PRSSA’s Bateman Case Study Competition. The Bateman Case Study Competition is PRSSA’s national case study Competition, where participants research, plan, execute and evaluate a full-on public relations campaign. PRSSA partners with a client each year that sponsors the Competition, and this year’s client was the U.S. Census Bureau.

What began back in October, as an intent-to-enter form, some thrown around ideas and weekly discussions, quickly transformed into a purposeful public relations campaign, endless memories and an extraordinary career experience. Since October, I’ve learned beyond what I could have imagined about the U.S. Census, my community and myself. I’m still in disbelief that it’s all coming to an end, but time sure does fly when you’re having a good, PR time! Here are just a few of the lessons I’ve gained over the last five months:

  1. Don’t Compare Yourself or Your Campaign to Others

Within the first few weeks of implementation, you’ll most likely notice other campaigns pop up on your social media explore pages, or maybe you’re just straight-up stalking other campaign accounts. Though it’s easy to compare and make changes after seeing other teams, remember to stick to your campaign’s mission, brand and schedule. You’ll find it’s far more authentic (and fun) when your campaign stands out from others and you continue to represent your Chapter in unique ways.

  1. Creativity is Key

Diversify your campaign efforts by getting creative! As the creative director of my team, creative freedom is one of the aspects I enjoyed most about Bateman.

Between creating your campaign’s name and logo to curating content for your social media channels and/or website, there are so many opportunities to be expressive.

  1. Deadlines, Details and Determination

As a soon-to-be Bateman retiree, I’ve found that previous, successful campaigns remain truthfully in each of these components. It’s critical to act on deadlines, reiterate the rules and remain determined throughout each stage of the Competition. Just about the last, most heartbreaking thing any team would want is to miss a crucial deadline or forget to follow a rule. Remember to reach out and ask questions; it is the little things that make your campaign BIG!

  1. Teamwork Does Indeed Make the Dream Work

Bateman is a large time commitment, and you’re going to be spending so much time with your team. All this time together may or may not lead to Bateman bonding, but make sure each team member is 101% dedicated. I can confidently say that each of my team members brought a wide array of knowledge, skills, perspectives and connections that we utilized throughout our campaign.

The Bateman Case Study Competition combines ability, knowledge, creativity and impact all into one valuable opportunity. If you are even a tad inspired, give it a go! I promise you will not regret it.

Alyssa Gormley is currently a sophomore at the E.W. Scripps School of Ohio University, studying strategic communication. She served as the creative director for Scripps PRSSA’s 2019-2020 Bateman Case Study Competition team and is the incoming Scripps PRSSA 2020-2021 executive vice president. Connect with Alyssa on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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