Stockton University Provides Tips to Make Your Chapter Successful — No Matter the Size

Three students from the St. John Fisher College PRSSA, Tom Proietti Chapter in Rochester, NY, attended the Stockton University Chapter’s panel “Taking the Lead in Professional Development: Successful Networking in the Local Community” on Friday, October 18 at the PRSSA International Conference in San Diego. Below, the student attendees recap their key takeaways:

Elizabeth Beach

Senior, Media Management Major

St. John Fisher College PRSSA, Tom Proietti Chapter

PRSSA Recruitment & Retention Coordinator

An image from Stockton University’s presentation, displaying the PAWFAD model.

“Panelists from Stockton University introduced their PAWFAD model, which helped their chapter increase involvement and membership. The acronym stands for: Professional talks, Agency tours, Workshops, Fundraisers, Alumni panels and Digital branding.

Through PRSSA, students can network with other students, advisers, professionals and alumni. Relationships developed through PRSSA events and workshops can benefit students in building their careers and their professional lives. Not only do students gain exposure to useful information about public relations and other careers, but we get to know local professionals and can make ourselves stand out in the community.

This panel highlighted that joining PRSSA is a great way to build connections on campus and in the community.”


Colleen Senglaub

Senior, Media Management major

St. John Fisher College PRSSA, Tom Proietti Chapter



“I had never heard of the PAWFAD model before, but it is definitely something that I am going to implement in my Chapter. We are already doing many of the elements of it, but my goal is to bring it all together in a clear and concise way like the students at Stockton University have done.”Senglaub specifically noted Stockton University PRSSA Chapter goes on agency tours in their community, Atlantic City and even Philadelphia. These agency tours have helped their members meet area professionals and even find internships.


Jeremiah Boerman

Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies Major

St. John Fisher College PRSSA, Tom Proietti Chapter


“The PAWFAD model is a solid road map. When looking at the categories such as agency tours, alumni panels, and professional talks, student participation can initiate helpful connections to better our knowledge and begin our career path.When looking at the agency tours section of the PAWFAD model, I was enlightened when the panelists described how important this step is. It is difficult sometimes to “paint a picture” of PR and the work in the field so we need to immerse ourselves into the PR environment. Seeing first-hand how employees interact with one another and how a business becomes successful from the inside out is crucial to understanding what we need to do in order to be successful ourselves.”

As a smaller Chapter from a small school, it was great to hear what Stockton University, a school of similar size, has been able to accomplish by following their PAWFAD model. Even with small numbers, we can give our members a valuable experience if done strategically. Thanks to Stockton University’s PRSSA Chapter for sharing their expertise and their innovative PAWFAD model!

Arien Rozelle is an assistant professor in the Department of Media and Communication at St. John Fisher College, and serves as the Faculty Adviser of the Tom Proietti Chapter of PRSSA at St. John Fisher College.

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