6 Ways to Fundraise for International Conference

Logo for PRSSA 2019 International ConferenceThe PRSSA 2019 International Conference is only a couple of months away and it is best to start saving and fundraising. The easiest way to save is by taking advantage of the Sept. 6 early registration deadline. A great way to come up with ways to fundraising is by checking out the Fundraising Playbook and Sponsorship Guide created by our Vice President of Events and Fundraising, Emily Zekonis. We highly recommend sharing this Guide with your PRSSA Chapter to ensure that as many of your members will take this advice to save up for International Conference as possible. Below are some options to consider on how to save and fundraise for your trip to International Conference:

Request Funding

Talk to your Faculty Adviser about requesting funds from your school or local PRSA Chapter. Consider asking your internship provider for funding as well. You may need to file paperwork or complete an application so make sure to have this conversation early.

Host a Bake Sale or Car Wash

Get together with members of your Chapter to bake some tasty treats or wash some cars. You may be surprised how much money you make. If you plan on selling something to earn money such as baked goods, t-shirts, flowers, pizza or coffee then don’t forget to plan when and where you plan on selling your item. It is important to have these details planned out so you are prepared.

Secure Economical Travel

You may need to buy a plane, train or bus ticket to get to Conference so finding a good price is key. Set fare trackers such as Google Flights. If you are considering driving, try to arrange a road trip to share gas and toll costs.

Find Roommates

Hotel costs can add up quickly but since you may have up to four people per room, consider finding roommates. Use the PRSSA National Facebook page, talk to fellow Chapter members or use your own network. Remember, you must make your hotel reservation by Sept. 20 to receive the PRSSA block rate.

Cut Back on Expenses

Consider cutting back on items that you buy frequently. For example, if you are an avid coffee drinker, try buying less and saving the extra cash.


Collect cans and bottles and take them to a local recycling center at the end of every week. Remember, every penny counts.

These are only a few suggestions of ways to save up for International Conference. Take a better look at the Fundraising Playbook and Sponsorship Guide to find out more ways to fundraise and save. Make sure to register by Sept. 6 to receive our early registration rate.

Photo of Isabella GarciaIsabella Garcia is the communications director for the PRSSA 2019 International Conference. During Fall 2018, Isabella joined PRSSA as an incoming junior, not only to immerse herself into the field of public relations but also to network and build relationships with her peers. In her two years left of school, Isabella will continue to work towards expanding her knowledge, pursuing a major in public relations and a photography certificate in the communications department at California State University, Fullerton.

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