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As a sophomore at the Ohio State University, I knew I needed to “get involved” and figure out a potential career path for myself. I wasn’t that innocent freshman anymore who could get away with not having ANY idea on what to study.

With interest in communications, I joined PRSSA at the beginning of the year. I didn’t know exactly what public relations was but I was open to finding out. I religiously went to every single meeting, learning more about the industry and potential career paths.

One day, the CEO of a PR agency and her co-worker came to tell us all about their company and the services they provide. Entranced in this meeting, I became very excited about my future and was so thankful for my decision to join PRSSA.

At the end of the meeting, the two ladies announced a contest for a networking lunch with the CEO, Megan Shroy. The contest consisted of commenting on a photo they posted on Instagram and they would choose one commenter to be the winner.

I was the lucky winner.

We scheduled the lunch and as happy as I was to receive this opportunity, I was also TERRIFIED. I had just decided on PR; how was I supposed to network with a professional? I didn’t even have my resume up to date or a prepared portfolio.

I spent the next two weeks researching, planning and preparing. I was nervous but ready.

The lunch came and, to this day, it was the best day of my PRSSA experience. I learned so much about Megan, her company, the industry and even myself. Best of all, she even connected me with a friend of hers who owns a digital marketing agency in Cleveland.

About a month later, I met her friend, John Sammon, at his company and learned more about his company and career. This shadow day was so informative and enlightening and I grew to love this industry even more.

I left so hopeful and excited for my future. As the semester continued on, I kept going to PRSSA meetings while applying to a variety of summer internships.

As mid-semester hit and the stress to find a summer job increased, I received an email from John about a digital marketing internship. He asked me to forward along my resume as the first step in the application. Within a week, I was asked to come in for an interview.

It all was happening so quickly. I was exhilarated for this opportunity but scared out of my mind.

All of this anxiety and fear went away, though, when John called me and offered me the internship.

My point to this long story is that PRSSA offered me this incredible opportunity to discover myself as a student entering the real world. I am unbelievably thankful to be interning at Sixth City Marketing and so grateful to have gotten involved with PRSSA. It helped me find me!

So, join PRSSA. You won’t regret it.

Photo of Emma IammarinoEmma Iammarino is a junior studying Strategic Communications and Dance at the Ohio State University. She is a digital marketing intern at Sixth City Marketing and involved in Dance Connection at OSU. Follow her on Instagram @emma_iammarino and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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