You Can’t Buy Time but You Can Save Time: Five Tips to Achieve More in Less Time!

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For some reason, the older I get, the busier I get. Relatable? Life is a balancing act and if you are like me, you have probably found yourself wondering why there are not enough hours in the day.

It has proven that no amount of wishing for more hours in the day will actually give me more hours. So, if we cannot buy time and we cannot wish for more hours, what can we do? Simple. Here I have compiled a list of five of the most practical and effective tips to save time.

Number one, simplify. Life is simple, we complicate it. Don’t double-book your schedule. It is more than okay to say no and to sit out of an event every once in a while.

Number two, prioritize. By filling your schedule with the things that matter most, you won’t be spreading yourself thin. You will do your best work for a few tasks, rather than mediocre work for all of them.

Number three, delegate. We all like to ensure that things get done and honestly, sometimes it is easier to just do them ourselves. But, if you never learn to trust others with tasks, you will be continually overwhelmed and stressed. The return on delegating tasks is a lighter load.

Number four, index cards. If you are someone who has your closet color-coordinated and your bookshelf organized alphabetically, this tip is especially for you. Write one task per index card, and when you finish that task, throw the card away. By the end of the day, you should have zero cards left. Think of how accomplished you will feel!

Number five, create a to-do list vs a today list. A to-do list is a general list of what you need to accomplish in a week period. A today list is what you need to accomplish today. Differentiate which tasks belong on which list.

I have found these five tips and tricks to be magic! They have allowed me as a PR student to keep all of my tasks that I need to accomplish in order. By investing some time into organizing your life, you will be saving yourself so much time in the future.

So, give them a try! You’ll stop finding yourself wishing for more hours, guaranteed.

Photo of Ana ReesAna H. Rees is a senior studying public relations and business management at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She is involved in PRSSA. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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