5 Steps To Making Your Business Instagram Stand Out

Instagram has over one billion active users so how are you going to make yours stand out from the rest? These five steps are a great way to make people want to hit that follow button.

Step 1: Pick a Theme

The first thing to think about when creating an Instagram is, who is your target audience? Is your target audience kids who would be attracted to more of a brightly colored page? Are you targeting the more professional world, which would be more attracted to simple colors and clean lines? It is crucial to determine your theme for your target audience before deciding on the following steps.

Step 2: Pick a Filter

Make your Instagram more aesthetically pleasing by using one, consistent filter. This helps pull your Instagram together and makes your page look like the pictures belong together.

You can pick a warm tone, cool tone or high saturation filters that bring out colors. An easy way to select a filter is to use the apps VSCO and Pinterest. VSCO has so many filters to choose from but if you look up VSCO filter themes on Pinterest, it will give you examples of people who have used a specific filter for their Instagrams. This gives you an easy way to find one that fits your theme and color scheme.

Step 3: Use Your Brand’s Core Colors

Using a couple of core colors is a great way to get your page to stand out. Every photo should include at least one or two of your core colors. This makes a gorgeous, simple layout.

You can also pick colors related to the seasons. If it is winter, use blues and whites. If it is summer, use bright pinks and yellows.

Step 4: Use A Grid Layout

The grid layout is not taken advantage of enough. Using InDesign or another similar program, you can create a page where pictures flow from one post to the next. You can also create a pattern using images that look similar. This creates a visually stimulating page.

Designing your page is a great way to get creative-minded people to follow your page. A lot of people will only follow an Instagram page because it looks pretty, even if they do not necessarily know who your brand is.

Step 5: Use Instagram Stories To Your Advantage

Instagram Stories are a perfect way to get personal with your audience. If you want to go the more designed formal Instagram page way, you can often lose the personality behind your company. Using stories can help make up for this. Show how you are not just a company but that you are people who are relatable to the public.

For examples go to @lushkitchen. They do a great job at creating videos that get their employees involved. It gives you a connected feeling to the brand.

Put It To Action

If you want a way to lay it out before you post it, you can use apps like SchedugramVisual Planner and UNUM. These apps give you a way to see how your pictures will look in your feed before you actually post it.

Now it is your turn.

Jade Baker is a senior journalism and mass communication major with a concentration in public relations at Samford University. She is from Chattanooga, TN. She is a member of PRSSA and her future career goal is to be a social media manager.

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