How to hold a “Ready, Set, Resume!” Meeting

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One of the greatest rewards of belonging to the PRSSA community is the opportunity for professional advancement and achievement. While my PRSSA Chapter at Lee University likes silly ice-breaker games, epic Spotify playlists, engaging social media posts and delicious snacks as much as the next Chapter, preparing for life post-graduation is the theme we put our true efforts towards.

During one of our first executive board meetings, we decided we wanted to host a meeting that was interactive, informative and helped our members in a truly tangible way. A resume critique fit all of these requirements and thus, “Ready, Set, Resume!” was born.

Want to host a meeting your Chapter won’t soon forget? Here are some simple tips to get you started!

Use your connections.

Have each member of the executive board use their connections to ask professionals in the area to graciously donate their time and knowledge to this event. Reach out to former employers, professors, mentors and even university administrators. Don’t limit your choices to one category because every professional will have a different perspective on a resume. Not only will awesome guests attract more members to attend but you will get your own resume tweaked by potential employers as well. Win, win!

Think outside of the box.

Set the tone of your meeting right away with a unique room set-up. Swap out desks for tall bistro tables, bring tablecloths for a professional touch and maybe offer more substantial snacks than the typical chips and dip. Allow attendees to practice their networking by having the format be open and casual. If you’re concerned about time, start a timer for five minutes, and have students rotate to different tables when the timer goes off. This format is interactive, while allowing for multiple conversations and constructive criticism!

Follow up.

A classic professional buzzword, take a tip from the experts and always have a thank you note prepared for each guest to hand out after the meeting. Additionally, other students may want to follow up with thanks or further questions after their conversations with the professionals. Send an email out to your member list with the names, titles and contact information of all of the professionals in attendance. Your members and their careers will thank you for the extra effort!

While it may take a little extra planning, a resume critique event is sure to impress members and professionals, alike.

Kensington Wieland is a senior at Lee University, studying public relations. She serves as secretary of her University’s PRSSA Chapter. In her free time, she can be found reading, running, or searching for the town’s best taco.

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