Transitioning from PRSSA to PRSA

Throughout one’s college career, it is important to seek opportunities for advancement outside of academia. One avenue is joining pre-professional organizations to gain experience and learn to get a peep into what the professional world is like. Transitioning to PRSSA’s professional organization, PRSA, provides a more realistic immersion into professional practice as students get to meet actual professionals from the public relations industry.

Aside from the given benefit of learning the ropes of the industry, students joining PRSA can provide so much more.

Free life and on-demand webinars that can help widen their skillset.

The webinars, that a membership provides access to, aids in one’s professional development post-graduation. There will be a PRSA webinar Sept. 19 at 3 p.m. EST titled “The Ethical Expectations of Leadership” as part of #EthicsMonth. Be sure to tune in!

Discounted entry fees for PRSA events.

PRSA memberships also provides professionals with opportunities to attend free or low-cost events that provide networking, professional development and educational opportunities. You get an actual experience making grassroots efforts that went beyond campus and working with people.

Networking opportunities.

Students can expand their network as they converse with top professionals in the field, providing them with several contacts as they start out on their own careers. As they meet these new contacts, they can also learn professional strategies in public relations that they can use in their own private practice. You don’t want to miss out on the numerous opportunities to networking with professionals.

Volunteering opportunities and mentoring programs.

Students and young professionals can volunteer and join committees to help out in more specific tasks that they are interested in. PRSA professionals as well as the trainings can aid the students in upgrading their knowledge of the field. These will address the needs of the students and support them towards the fulfillment of their goals.

Medgeen “Medge” Ross is a graduate student at the New York Institute of Technology, earning a master’s in Communication Art. She currently serves on the PRSA-NY Chapter membership committee as a visual content developer. For information about her work, please check her website at . Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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