How to Make the Most of the PRSSA 2017 National Conference

The registration deadline for the PRSSA 2017 National Conference is today! Now is the time to register and start thinking about how you can make the most of the National Conference. We know you will be investing a lot of time and energy in getting to Boston and registering for the Conference, so we want to make your Conference experience easier by offering you some tips on how you can make the most of this year’s National Conference.

Take notes.

Every session will have things you will want to remember and bring back to your Chapter, so come prepared with a notebook and your writing hands. Also, don’t forget to write down the speaker’s title and contact info!

Network, network, network.

From students to professors, and  industry professionals, there will be many people from all over the country attending the National Conference. The Conference is the best time to make friends and gain connections. Shake hands, talk about your skills and get networking.

Go to as many sessions as you can.

There will be more than 25 sessions for you to attend at National Conference, so make the most of your time in Boston and get your registration worth. Go to as many sessions as possible and send your other Chapter members to the sessions you cannot attend to access all the information the Conference has to offer.

Sit with people you don’t know.

What is one of the best parts of attending the largest gathering of public relations students in the country? There will be hundreds of people for you to make connections and plan events with. Are there Chapters near you who want to do a networking session? Are there Chapters across the country that you want to do a Google Hangout with? Conference is the time to introduce yourself by sitting next to different people in every session.

Bring business cards and resumes.

Resumes and business cards are some of the best items for networking — so make sure that you bring them to make the most of your Conference experience. Networking with everyone is one thing, but handing out your business card helps you stick in people’s memories and makes you that much more memorable. Handing out your resume at the Career Development Exhibition will benefit you more than simply introducing yourself to prospective employers and educators. Impressions count, so be prepared and make a good one.

Rachel E. McLean is the PRSSA 2017 National Conference communications coordinator. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in history at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. She currently works for culture: the word on cheese as an editorial and social media intern writing for the magazine, blogging and posting on their social media. McLean is passionate about public relations and usually finds a way to mix social media and blogging into every aspect of her life. Follow her on Twitter at @rachelemclean.

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