50 Things to Do in the Next 50 Days to Prepare for #PRSSANC

With #PRSSANC officially 50 days away, it is time to start preparing for your trip to Boston! Check out these 50 things you should do in the next 50 days before Conference begins.

  1. Review the program online.
  2. Pick your “can’t miss” sessions.
  3. Follow speakers on social media.
  4. Plan your outfits — business professional and casual!
  5. Book your flight or plan your road trip.
  6. Pay your registration — remember, it’s due by Sept. 8!
  7. Reserve your hotel room — special rates end Sept. 8!
  8. Find roommates, if necessary.
  9. Order business cards.
  10. Buy a padfolio.
  11. Get fresh notetaking pens.
  12. Revamp and print copies of your resume.
  13. Tell your long-distance #PRSSbAes you’re going!
  14. Gather donations (items and money) for Community Service Initiative.
  15. Research fun activities in Boston for your downtime.
  16. Assign members of your Chapter to attend as many different sessions as possible.
  17. Pick your favorite jersey to wear for the opening night celebration.
  18. Tell friends or family members who live in Boston that you’re coming their way.
  19. Scope the city’s best restaurants.
  20. Notify your professors and/or employers that you’ll be absent during Conference.
  21. Get ahead on your classwork to keep up your pace.
  22. Find a good local coffee shop to help you stay caffeinated throughout Conference.
  23. Schedule in advance any must-see tours of Boston attractions.
  24. Touch base with your parent PRSA Chapter to connect with their members attending PRSA ICON.
  25. Plan what souvenirs to bring back for your family from Beantown.
  26. Use the hashtag #PRSSANC to connect with other members who are going to Boston.
  27. Reach out to the planning or National Committee with any questions or concerns.
  28. Participate in the August 29 #PRSSANC Twitter Chat.
  29. Work on Chapter fundraising ideas to gain more funds for Conference.
  30. Work on your   — you never know who you’re going to meet!
  31. Purchase (or charge!) your portable phone charger. You’ll have a lot of tweets to send and snaps to take while in Boston.
  32. Volunteer to write a session recap for your Chapter or National’s blog.
  33. Plan out your #PRSSANC timeline — you’ll have tons of friends to grab lunch or coffee with!
  34. Schedule your “out of the office” email reply.
  35. Read about the Conference in the upcoming issue of FORUM — published Aug. 28!
  36. Tune in to the “Podcasts with the Pros” series to hear from some of the Conference speakers.
  37. Bookmark some Progressions blogs to keep you occupied during your trip.
  38. Connect with National Committee members on social media and introduce yourself if you haven’t yet.
  39. Try to spend some time with Chapter members from your region in order to be able to build a lasting partnership after your return.
  40. If alumni from your school are attending PRSA ICON, reach out to them and introduce them to current Chapter members who may not know them.
  41. Purchase a book or make a playlist to enjoy during your travels.
  42. Sign up for the “pre-registration required” career tours.
  43. Research the organizations that will be at the career development exhibition.
  44. Follow the official #PRSSANC to Conference updates!
  45. Pre-register for the resume critique offered at Conference!
  46. Pre-register for the Fireside Chat offered at Conference.
  47. Download the Conference promotional program to learn about everything you can experience in Boston!
  48. Check out the official Conference newsletter for all things #PRSSANC.
  49. Start packing! It’s never too early to start preparing!
  50. Share on social media that you’re headed to Boston!

Maura Fenske is a senior public relations major with a journalism minor. She serves as the Chapter president for the Waynesburg University Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter and as an account specialist for Student-run firm Red Brick Communications. She also serves as the copy editor for FORUM and has written for Waynesburg University’s award-winning student newspaper “The Yellow Jacket.” Maura hopes to combine her passion for public relations, writing and sports in her future career and plans to someday own a golden retriever named Rooney. Follow her on Twitter at @maurafenske and visit her LinkedIn.

Natalie Gloady is a graduate student at Waynesburg University and the PRSSA 2017–2018 Publications Editor in Chief. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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