Preparing for a Successful Spring Semester

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The new year comes with new opportunities for your PRSSA Chapter, allowing your members to grow personally and professionally within the Society. Want to help make your Chapter the best it can be? Check out some things our Chapter executive board at Belmont University does below.

  • Attend a Regional Conference. Multiple schools across the country will be hosting Regional Conferences this spring. These weekend conferences are great opportunities to network with local students, learn from professionals and bond as a Chapter if multiple members attend. You’ll leave feeling re-energized and with great ideas to help your Chapter succeed.
  • Plan an Executive Board Retreat. By the end of the fall semester, it is easy for members of your Chapter and executive board to feel burned out from projects, finals, etc. Get everyone back in gear by planning a retreat day to help come up with goals and plans for a successful spring semester.
  • Make Goal Lists. Most public relations practitioners love making lists and setting goals, so talking about your goals as a Chapter can help make them turn into a reality. Take time to jot down a few personal goals you have that are public relations-related, as well as goals for your Chapter.
  • Plan dates ahead. Try to plan and confirm workshops, meetings and speakers as far in advance as possible. Not only will you have more time to advertise your event over social media and other platforms, but your members will have more time to plan out which events to attend.
  • Ask for Member Feedback. My PRSSA Chapter executive board always works hard and is motivated by our members because they pay dues to grow within the public relations industry. It’s important to gauge feedback from your members about what types of events they would like to attend or what meeting times work best for them.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things as a Chapter this semester. By implementing new tactics, you can help recruit new members and get your current members more involved. Here’s to a great new year for your Chapter!

Cayli Allen is a public relations major at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she serves as the vice president of her PRSSA Chapter and is a member of the PRSSA National Industry News Subcommittee. She also works in the radio marketing department of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. You can chat with her on Twitter: @Cayli_Allen.

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