How to Stand Out When You Start with the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations

Photo courtesy of Angela Yee.
Photo courtesy of Angela Yee.

Women make up roughly 70 percent of the public relations workforce, but only account for 30 percent of the top positions within the industry, according to The Holmes Report. As an undergraduate student, I knew I wanted to be a part of the 30 percent. Therefore, I did all I could to position myself as the most well-rounded candidate when time came for the job interview.

While pursuing my bachelor’s degree, I held numerous internships within various organizations, diligently networked and stayed tuned to industry trends. I decided to pursue my master’s degree immediately following graduation. In short, I strived day-in and day-out to set myself apart from the competition.

To ensure I stood out from other leading job candidates, I earned the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations. The core component of this Certificate is to understand and execute the fundamentals of public relations, including strategy. This ability helps new professionals take their career to great heights, even in the first 90 days. Whether in an agency, practicing public relations in-house or in an integrated marketing role, professionals must first understand strategy — the “big picture.”

Currently, I occupy a brand marketing role at a technology company, located in New Jersey. My role is based on my ability to guide the message conveyed to the audience, ensure all assets meet our brand guidelines and that we are accomplishing our overall business goals. I must first understand the desired audience with whom we are seeking engagement and know how to position our brand as reputable, deserving a seat at the table.

The ability to think broadly and more long-term is directly associated with the understanding of strategy, which is what the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations provides. The process of earning the Certificate isn’t cumbersome. In fact, a newly launched initiative makes it more convenient for students than ever before. Those eligible to take the Certificate exam must first undergo a preparation course. Previously, this course was taught at a local university or Chapter of a Universal Accreditation Board (UAB) organization. While this remains an option, students can now take the Certificate’s Online Study Course.

Whether preparing for the Certificate in-person or online, everyone becomes a strategic thinker by the last class/lecture. That in and of itself is a lifelong quality which will determine success. In order to be the most well rounded candidate, one must demonstrate knowledge learned in the classroom, in internships and through the learning affiliated with receiving this Certificate. Rise above the competition. Stand out when you start out. #StandOutInPR.

Angela Yee earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations and journalism and a master’s degree in strategic communications from Seton Hall University. Current she is a brand associate at a leading software company in New Jersey. Angela augmented her degrees by completing the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations. To hold this Certificate, one must demonstrate a mastery of core public relations concepts as well as a depth of knowledge about strategic communication, business literacy, communication models, ethics and law.

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