Keep Up with the Kardashians on Social Media

It is rare to log onto Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat without seeing something about the Kardashian family; whether they are a cover story for a magazine, advertising their apps or retweeted across your feed, you can never seem to escape their reach.

With social media being a powerful and exceedingly growing tool in the public relations industry, it is safe to say that the larger your online image, the more people talk about you. However, this publicity reflects how you are behaving on social media. Follow these five social media lessons by the Kardashians and you’ll be shining on any digital platform in no time.

1. Post regularly.

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Part of the reason the Kardashians appear on our Twitter and Instagram feeds so often is because they post so frequently. Whether they’re uploading selfies, updates about their lives or sharing things that they like, a day doesn’t go by without them posting new content.

If we do this for our clients, we can give them the online recognition that so many organizations desire.

2. Be consistent.


The ”Keeping Up with the Kardashians” stars are never shy to share their opinions and always let their fans know what they’re thinking. They always stay true to their initial attitudes and beliefs. Meaning, they always stay true to their brand.

We can make sure our clients stay true to their mission by being consistent on all platforms. We can do this with our personal brand as well by relating everything we post online to our personal image or mission statement and being consistent in our messaging.

3. If people are talking about you, control the conversation.

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When the Kardashians find themselves in a controversy or in a scandal, they typically take to social media and start dispelling the rumors or telling their side. This instantaneous, reactive tactic always gets people talking about their side of the story.

During a crisis our clients must be transparent and honest while also controlling the way the conversation goes.

4. Know your audience.


The Kardashian family has a well-known reputation of filling their lives with drama — on and off social media. Though they might be jumping from conflict to conflict, they know exactly how to post updates that will engage their audience and make fans love them even more.

When we’re generating content for our clients, we need to focus on what interests our audience as well as what demographic we plan on reaching out to. By knowing these details, you can cater content to get the most reach.

5. Tell a cohesive story across various platforms.


Public relations is all about telling a story and that is exactly what the Kardashians do. They add teasers for what is happening on their television show or what event they will be at next. By keeping fans intertwined in their story on multiple platforms, they keep people interested and waiting for more.

Our clients have a story that can relate to an audience — a story that will attract more people to their brand. If we can tell their story and relate it to their campaigns, tactics and goals, then we can build a strong personal connection between the client and its audience.

Natalie Gloady is a senior public relations and sports information major at Waynesburg University. She serves as the public relations director for the Waynesburg University PRSSA Chapter, as well as an account executive for the Nationally Affiliated Student-run Firm Red Brick Communications. Follow Natalie on Twitter, or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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