Being Your Authentic Self: Keynote from David Grossman [National Assembly Recap]

Session: Farewell Meeting and Keynote Address

David Grossman, APR, Fellow PRSA
David Grossman

Presenter: David Grossman, APR, ABC, Fellow PRSA, founder and CEO, The Grossman Group


All too often we are concerned about the “suppose-to” track of our lives. We want to make all the right choices, at the right time and have order in our right life. We think we must graduate, get a job and only have happy feelings all the time. This is not how life is or “suppose-to” be.

The larger questions we must ask ourselves are “who am I?” and “how do I live a happy life?”

In order to do this, we must start on the path of authenticity and get to know ourselves. This is done by asking real questions to ourselves and staying true to the answers we receive.

“Authenticity isn’t a skill, it is a component of yourself,” Grossman said. “When we can effectively communicate that authenticity, it becomes a super power.”

In order to know our authentic selves, we must first know ourselves, be ourselves and have quiet courage. This is done by being curious, embracing who we are and not worrying about things we can’t control. As we continue strengthening our authentic selves we won’t live the “suppose-to” life, instead a happy authentic one.


  • Know yourself. Don’t wish you were someone else, just be who you are. Try on what others do to find yourself but at the end of the day you have to decide to be who you want to be.
  • Be yourself. Get to know yourself and be consistent with your values. Don’t be a chamaeleon.
  • Have quiet courage. Be truthful as you relate to yourself and to others.
  • Be curious. Ask questions about the world and others and be aware. We become better listeners when we have more curiosity.
  • Embrace who you are. Let go of being perfect and own who you are.
  • Don’t worry about things you can’t control. You have power in your choices and you have more choices than you might think. When life gets too big, step back and focus on what you can control.

Brooke Tait is a public relations student at Brigham Young University and the vice president of publications for the BYU PRSSA Chapter. Follow her on Twitter, @BrookeTait.

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