August Monthly Reading Round-Up — Cecil the Lion, Journalists Twitter Shame PR Pros, Subway Crisis

Back to school season is upon us, which means even less time to keep up with industry reading. Never fear, the Progressions Monthly Reading Round-Up is here. Another month has passed and here are the top eight articles you may have missed:

1. The GOP Debate Generated 1,273% More Tweets Than Jon Stewart’s Sendoff

You may be surprised that Donald Trump wasn't the center of attention on Twitter during the GOP debate.
You may be surprised that Donald Trump wasn’t the center of attention on Twitter during the GOP debate.










Author: Tim Baysinger

Publication: Adweek

The beloved host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, hosted his last show earlier this month, but in comparison to the GOP debate that happened the same evening, Stewart’s big night was highly overshadowed — at least on Twitter. But it may come as a surprise that Donald Trump wasn’t the center of conversation that evening either.

2. What a Marketing Firm Did When a Former Client Killed Cecil the Lion

Author: Adam Rowan

Publication: Ragan

What do you do when a former client kills a revered lion on a Zimbabwe hunting trip? Page 1 Solutions tells the real story and offers tips for effective crisis communications.

3. Pitch, Please: Journalist’s Sound Off on Media Relations

Author: Patrick Coffee

Publication: PR Newser

As public relations professionals, good media pitching skills are vital to getting word out about your client. But when pros pitch poorly, journalists are not afraid to publicly call them out on it. Do you think it’s OK for journalists to shame bad pitches on social media?

4. 7 Social Media Platforms That Could Explode Before 2016

Author: Jayson DeMers

Publication: Forbes

In case you were looking for even more social media platforms to keep up with, DeMers has a list of seven more up and coming platforms. From Wanelo to SlideShare to Hyper and more, these new networks may become new vital tools for public relations and marketing in the new year.

5. Subway Manages Its Worst-Case Scenario With a Single Tweet

Subway handled a recent crisis with their spokesperson with a single Tweet.
Subway handled a recent crisis with their spokesperson with a single Tweet.

Author: Mark Renfree

Publication: PR News

If you’ve been following any news lately, you’ve probably heard about Subway’s recent crisis with their legendary spokesperson Jared. They chose to end their relationship with their spokesman on Twitter and haven’t done much other crisis communication beyond that. How do you think Subway handled this controversial situation?

6.  Focusing on Diversity as the Next Tech PR Innovation

Author: N/A

Publication: PR Newser

In honor of our celebration of Diversity Month, this article talks about the lack of diversity in the tech industry of Silicon Valley and President Obama’s push for big companies like Google and Facebook to focus on hiring more women and minorities.

7. PR is Sales is Marketing is Advertising

Author: Diane Schwartz

Publication: The PR News Blog

We all know that the public relations, marketing and advertising industries are becoming more and more integrated. Schwartz talks about how important it is to be a well-rounded individual in the career marketplace and some ways to learn about the sales and marketing side of things.

8. August Twitter Chat Recap: Shift — Diversity in Action

Author: Emma Finkbeiner

Publication: Progressions

PRSSA held its first Twitter chat of the new school year this month. The chat focused on diversity in celebration of PRSSA Diversity Month. If you missed this Twitter chat, be sure to participate in the next chat on Tuesday Sept. 8 at 9 p.m.

These articles are gathered and submitted by the PRSSA National Committee and the PRSSA publications team as well as occasional contributions from members, so feel free to pass along interesting articles to Emma Finkbeiner by email at

Emma Finkbeiner is the PRSSA 2015–2016 publications editor in chief. She attends Northern Michigan University and was a former editor in chief of the student newspaper The North Wind. Connect with her on Twitter @efink101 or LinkedIn.

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