How To Incorporate Diversity Into Your Chapter Programming This Month

diversityHappy Diversity Month! During November, PRSSA National will be providing many opportunities to join in on the conversation, but the learning doesn’t stop there. Here are a few ways to incorporate diversity into your Chapter meetings:

Be sure to think holistically about diversity.

When considering potential programming ideas during Diversity Month, it’s important to first remember all of the ways in which diversity affects us. Diversity is much more than just a race or an origin, and it’s important to communicate that to every member in your Chapter. Remember that each of us has something unique and we all have an original story. It’s our individuality and ability to work together as diverse individuals that makes coming together so powerful.

Your executive board could open up a diversity conversation by taking a few minutes to let each person explain what diversity means to them. This could be done during a meeting as a discussion or by setting aside time for your members to blog an answer to November’s Progressions Prompt. This will get your Chapter thinking, and allow you to easily hear or read everyone’s stories.

Hold a diversity workshop.

There is no better way to incorporate diversity into your Chapter than by teaching it and discussing. Plus, if your Chapter typically brings in guest speakers, this is a nice opportunity for an interactive meeting.

There are many different ways to run a diversity workshop, so use your imagination. One way to create engaging conversations is to show a TED Talk. After it’s over, break members into small groups to discuss. Then, come together as a larger group and share what each of you thought about the video. Chances are the video you choose to show will resonate with each member differently and will create interesting and worthwhile conversations. Diversity needs to be talked about, and creating an opportunity for this engaging conversation will likely bring your Chapter closer in the end.

Join in on the Diversity Twitter Chat.

PRSSA will be hosting a Diversity Month Twitter Chat on Nov. 18 at 9 p.m. ET. This will be a great opportunity for members to engage with those who are different from them. While engaging with members from all over the country, your Chapter could spend the Twitter Chat together and tweet as a group. Some of my favorite experiences have been during those Twitter Chats when our Chapter rents a room at our university, orders a pizza and participates in the chat together. This helps members to feel more comfortable about participating and will give your Chapter a stronger representation during the chat.

How does your Chapter plan on incorporating Diversity Month into your programming? We’d love to hear your creative ideas!


Jessica Carnprobst is a junior studying strategic communications at Ohio University and is the Scripps PRSSA vice president of member relations. She starts every morning with a cup coffee and side of enthusiasm. Follow her on Twitter @jess_carnprobst or connect with her on LinkedIn

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      Thanks for sharing, Jessica. Something else to consider is making your project teams as diverse as possible by pulling in members with different skills, interests and perspectives. You can also develop a Diversity Initiative similar to the one National Committee has:

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