President of Powell Tate Welcomes Attendees [National Conference Session Recap]

Courtesy of Cassie Rudd

Session: Welcome and Keynote Address

Presenter: Pam Jenkins, Powell Tate

Recap: Pam Jenkins started the keynote address with inspirational words as she challenged members to change the world. Jenkins, president of Powell Tate, went onto to explain why the public relations field is a good choice. The world needs public relations because it is fundamental to everything an organization does, she said. Knowing how to write and think will take you far. She advised students to practice open listening; if you close yourself, you won’t hear your good ideas, Jenkins said.

Jenkins believes this is the era of engagement. It’s not about talking to — but talking with — your publics. Today, people rely more on their peers’ reviews and less on experts. She went onto to say if faced with collision, consider it a good thing since collision forces you to think differently. Accept, cause, and embrace it. It’s important to surround yourself with diversity since great ideas come from diverse perspectives. Do not limit yourself to traditional ideas. The public relations industry needs new skills and you should cultivate your own. Jenkins strongly believes that Millennials are ready to lead and usher in the new era of public relations.


  • We’re in an era of engagement.
  • Public relations isn’t just a career where you can make a good living; you can make a difference.
  • Diversity allows the industry to generate more ideas and creativity.


Shania Grace Jackson is a junior at University of North Texas and president of her school’s PRSSA Chapter. Please follow her on Twitter.

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