Setting the Tone of Your Personal Brand: Standing Out in Your Variety of Public Relations

Standing outJust like students from any other discipline, public relations students are faced with the increasingly difficult task of deciding what to do with their degree. The difference between public relations and other majors is the interdisciplinary nature of our field.

With limitless options to be explored, public relations practitioners generally pursue the work lifestyle choices of agency, nonprofit, and corporate. Enveloping entertainment, sports, healthcare, technology, and a myriad of other options, each choice will require your personal brand to have a different tone.  As you decide how to get your foot in the door with your desired employer, consider these tips:

Know The Industry
You’ll only be able to reach the creative potential of your personal brand by being knowledgeable of your industry of choice. Professionals are expected to have a voice in the conversation about and within their fields. For example, if you intend to go into sports public relations and don’t understand the daily workings within a sports organization, you may want to start researching. If you can communicate intelligently with other professionals about industry trends, your personal brand’s buzz will gain instant traction.

Be a Part of Something Worth Talking About
Being part of an organization (like PRSSA) or project that’s relevant to the vision of your personal brand is vital. People who study their field outside of the classroom can become ideal internship or job candidates. Being able to discuss something you’re working on via your personal blog or social media platform adds credibility to your brand and provides valuable insight for others. If people don’t know about the great work you’re doing, make sure they find out.

Make People Believe
The idea here is not perception. Obviously, you want to be yourself in the most ideal way possible. If your personal brand is able to display your character in a way that captures the interest of others and makes them believe that you truly belong in their industry, you’ve succeeded. From your business cards to your website, make it a point to be consistent, positively reviewed, and noticeable upon exposure. Believe in your personal brand and it will flourish.

What are you doing to establish your personal brand and make an impact in your industry?

This is a guest post by Gary Bridgens, a junior at Ohio University. Follow Gary at @garingiscaring or find him on LinkedIn.

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