PRSSA Gives Thanks for Thanksgiving

As we all celebrate Thanksgiving today, PRSSA Chapter members, 2013-14 National Committee members and PRSSA alumni share what they are thankful for in the public relations industry.

[quote]I’m thankful for the enthusiasm that surrounds PRSSA. So many in this Society are not only passionate about their own development but are also passionate about the growth of their Chapter. PRSSA members have an incredible amount of support from the Champions and PRSA as well. Membership in our Society is truly a special experience.[/quote]

-Brian Price, 2013-14 PRSSA National President 

[quote]The future of public relations relies largely on education. I am thankful for the outstanding faculty who support public relations students in their personal and professional development. I have heard countless PRSSA members praise their professors for exceeding expectations and enhancing their education.[/quote]

-Heather Harder, 2013-14 PRSSA National Vice President of Member Services 

[quote]I am thankful for the resources PRSSA and PRSA provide for their members. Without all of these different opportunities, I think myself and other young professionals would not be as prepared to enter the industry.[/quote]

-Erica Brown, 2013-14 PRSSA National Vice President of Regional Conferences

[quote]I’m thankful for the plethora of seasoned professionals who are always so willing to provide mentorship to public relations students. I’m fortunate for my mentors, they’ve all been a huge help in guiding me through my pre-professional career.[/quote]

-Jamie Lawlor, 2013-14 PRSSA at University of Delaware Chapter President

[quote]I’m thankful for public relations because it gives people a voice, not just companies and brands. Public relations involves story telling in a unique form, so I’m thankful that this field gives me the opportunity to tell stories as a profession.[/quote]
-Kelsey Doherty, 2013-14 PRSSA Emerson Chapter  President

[quote]I’m thankful for all of the PRSSA students. Their passion for our profession and commitment to making each other better is professionally and personally rejuvenating. The future of public relations is truly in good hands.[/quote]

-Don Egle, APR, ABC, 2013-14 PRSSA National Professional Adviser

[quote]I am thankful that public relations stands for so much more than “Press Release.” The wide array of personal and professional, emotional and intellectual skills required to be an outstanding public relations professional makes this profession exciting, challenging, exhausting, influential, and critical.  Without a doubt, I am most thankful for the people I have met and worked alongside of while being in this business.  There is something special about people who want to help others succeed and the pr professionals I know do just that.[/quote]

-Geri Evans, APR, 2013-14 PRSA Board Liaison

[quote]If I started listing all the names of the people who have impacted my life in the last few years, I could probably fill up a book. So I’ll just say this: I am thankful to my teachers — the mentors and managers, editors and enemies. These are the people who taught me how to survive in public relations. And most of all, I am thankful to the person that taught me how to make coffee on my first day of work. Cheers to you.[/quote]
-Scott Thornburg, Account Coordinator at Eastwick and 2010-11 National Committee Member 
[quote]I’m thankful for the public relations professionals who always took the time to talk to me and mentor me when I was a student and first starting my career. When I was in PRSSA, there were numerous professionals who did not hesitate to return my emails and give me advice. With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s important to remember to pay it forward to the future of the industry in honor of those who helped us.[/quote]
-Rachel Sprung, Product Marketing Associate at Hubspot and 2010-11 National Committee Member 
Who or what in the public relations industry are you thankful for?
This post was compiled by 2013-2014 PRSSA National Publications Editor in Chief Mallory Richardson. Follow her on Twitter @malrich10 or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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