Ethics: Something to Celebrate

025035ea6dbd328768e7b25c37f14057September has arrived, and that means we’ve entered every public relations professional’s favorite time of year: Ethics Month. Ethics may never steal the show with a flashy demonstration or unexpected development, and ethics doesn’t usually make it into the news unless someone has violated them. However, these unwavering principles set the foundation for the public relations profession. Without them, we lose all public trust and credibility.

During this month, check Progressions every week for a blog series that explores the core values found in the PRSA Code of Ethics — the guidelines that help members maintain integrity and serve the public interest with honesty and justice. You’ll have the chance to read about common workplace dilemmas and tips for advocating for fairness in the office, whether you’re an intern or an aspiring executive.

If you are interested in taking a stand for ethics today, make the Ethics Pledge and sign your name to be an influence for good. Encourage your Chapter members to do so as well. Our goal is to get over 1,000 new signatures this year and create committed advocates for integrity in the process. You also can join the conversation about ethics during a Twitter chat on Sept. 24 at 9 p.m. EDT, where you can share your own ideas and find useful answers to questions you may have. Check out other resources PRSA has available for you to learn more.

September is the time we set aside to truly appreciate ethics for what they are, but as D. H. Lawrence said, “Ethics and equity and the principles of justice do not change with the calendar.” Hopefully, you find new reasons this month to celebrate ethics year round.

How do you or your Chapter plan to participate in Ethics Month? 

Follow Jessica Airey, PRSSA 2013–14 national vice president of advocacy, on Twitter at @jessicaairey or via her LinkedIn account.

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