Helping Your Chapter Grow: Twitter Analytics

Graphic by Paige Weber

Twitter might have only quietly released its new Twitter Analytics to the public, but the effects of this feature could make a major bang on our Chapters’ social media presences.

The new Twitter Analytics not only records your account’s retweets, replies and favorites; it also shows the numbers of clicks each of your links received, which allows you to analyze your followers. You may already know that most of your Chapter’s followers are members — but are they more interested in sports, movies, school or something else? Twitter Analytics reveals unique interests like this. Once you know the demographics and interests of your Chapters’ followers, you can produce content accordingly and increase engagement as a result.

You can also use your followers’ common interests (as indicated by Twitter Analytics) to plan Chapter events and meetings. For example, I noticed that one of the top interests of our PRSSA Chapter at Louisiana State University followers, based on the analytics, is television and movies. Because the film industry is booming in Louisiana right now, we could ask a professional from that industry to come speak at one of our meetings and know that the topic would be of interest to much of our audience. PRSSA at LSU could also tweet more things related to TV, movies and the entertainment industry to get more viewers engaged.

Twitter Analytics also tracks when people follow or unfollow you. Did you see a peak in followers around August? Did your Chapter do or say something to make that happen, and can you do it again? Or maybe you see people unfollowing your Chapter in May — perhaps it’s because graduates are cleaning out their “Following” list. What can you do to keep your content relevant to this audience?

It’s no secret that Twitter is a powerful engagement tool for PRSSA Chapters and members (I mean, have you ever participated in the #PRSSA monthly Twitter Chats?), but Twitter Analytics helps eliminate some of the guesswork for creating successful content.

What do you think of Twitter Analytics? Have you studied your results yet — and if so, what did you discover?

Paige Weber is the Chapter President of PRSSA at Louisiana State University and the social and digital media intern at FUSE in Baton Rouge, La. Follow her on Twitter at @paigeweber

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